The Blockheads 1.7 coming soon!


Looking forward to this:


Yep guess whats he will announce for more info


Does he mean this today, or tomorrow today?


Dave is going to tell us the update is delayed by another month due to an error in coding. (FAKE)

Edit: l

That winky face…


It’s been so long and we are still waiting… :expressionless:


Well, maybe we will find out how much longer we will have to wait in some hours.


Am I the only one that is nervous about 1.7


No, you’re not. I’m nervous as well, my server might die because of the credit change. But I’m all for the update regardless.


Server credit is pretty cheap. Anyone can afford it. :smiley:


Most likely true but not everyone is allowed to pay for games :wink:


Why? I don’t understand


There’s a whole discussion on it in the credit change thread. Some parents just don’t want their children to pay for games for various reasons.


He’s probably telling us the news today.


Yes exactly. I could easssily pay for credit, but my parents probably wouldn’t let me spend even five dollars on it.


And the announcement is:

Scientists are CERN today announced that they have successfully created an opening to another dimension between 2D and 3D. Bright blue shimmering portals are being constructed as we speak. Volunteers to enter them are pouring forward from a Forum Community called “The Blockheads”. Apparently they claim that they already know what lies beyond these portals and have been preparing for this for 5 years.

A community member named “Skeeve” was reportedly asking about a portal dubbed “Expert Mode” and has supplied the scientists with a checklist of necesssary items for making the trip.

Another community member by the name of “Jemnidad” was caught trying to smuggle an antique railroad hand cart through one portal.

Meanwhile a member calling herself “Asyc” was found with a bag full of tulip bulbs. Purposes unknown.

Stay tuned as more updates come from this scientific breakthrough.


Oh skeeve not u too please :weary::weary::weary:


So the secret to trans-dimensional travel is bashing atoms together?

Picks up large, cartoony hammer


smashy time people… IT’S SMASHY TIME!