The Blockheads 1.7 Launches March 15th


Just delete and reinstall the app


Uh do we have to do that on ios?


Should I though?


Don’t delete your app, just wait. You will lose all your data if you delete the app, including all of your single player worlds.


Anyone got a 1.7 sever I can join?


Ok i wont


How much longer will it be?


It appears the app store is a bit slow, nothing was lost for me as I had no active single player worlds.


Playing on rabbithole and also starting my new sp world up, making benches and tools now, will soon make a stone house.


Okay, guys, I’m back. Did I miss anything important? Was 1.7 released for IOS yet?


Ima kill it




Just seems like I’m getting started…


Finally got it! Having some family troubles at home so I won’t be able to go shark racing on Skylands (snif snef) but I am stoked to test it in SP.


i already found a bug with the d pad


No jump + sideways?


no if u are n the elevator going down u will glitch into the motor room if u go too far


I like everything except one single thing:
I need to gent further to see any new build, plant or mob
Anyone knows why thé yaks spawn(plant or tree)?
@majicDave, I would find them in a 1.6 world?

I put this topic in watching and nothing happened(the notifications merged into one)
But my mail is suffering that was deserved to Safari…


Phone died again what did I miss

Also: I still didn’t get the update



Uploading… Uploading…

Isn’t this difference of almost 500 platinum coins too exaggerated?