The Blockheads 1.7 Launches March 15th


I’m pretty sure it’s along the lines of the app store having to register the idea that an update exists


i don’t have a apple id yet because my school did not set it up and i want to get it so bad


Yes!!! Just after my birthday too!
Just checked. It’s today :sweat_smile:


A h Y e a .



Then create one


Its so dumb, when playing in 2 player offline. we cant even use the same workbench, ive to either make another one or he destroys it and drop it for me to use.


Its really not possible to use same workbenche at the same time. Dont you know this at the first place?

Little tips use other bench when other using workbench right so not wasting time.


Could you elaborate? Are you trying to use the bench while someone else is using it? Is it in expert? Are we talking other people or just different blockheads?


In expert mode, nobody. Ut yo can use your benches. It’s true for all the benches, not just the workbench.


Oh so in expert mode nobody can use, i can’t even use anything he place down


Pretty much. Except chests. And shops.


I’ve been active for a while (if you call seven moths a while), so I haven’t seen this yet. I’ve just realised that 1.7 was released on the day of my big exam.


Jeezums I finally read all the unread replies on this thread… sheeshhhhh


Oh my god I was gone for a day and this said 1000+ posts what?


Can this post just die xd


Patience is :key:

Last post wins!
Last post wins!

But there is no :lock:


Tell that to Milla XD


Threads aren’t locked down unless there’s a reason to. It’ll die when people stop posting.