The Blockheads 1.7 Launches March 15th


Funny prank: Join the free tc and announce you stole all the tc and you became the tc theif


Tengo un diferente versión de iOS, por eso se puede mirar diferente.


I heard it takes apple 3-7 days for them to approve an update
-Sophie Bruce

If only Dave had listened…


I waited for an hour and a half, still nothing? though I’ll admit it was a mistake to set it to watching. :dead:

This thread is still going strong at about 10 replies per minute. Madness



They already did. It takes a while to roll out. It takes a minute for android.


You win.


The update’s already approved I thought? Aren’t they just reviewing it?


They already approved it, it is just downloading to apple


Lul the game crashed for me


Take revenge simply by eating an apple.


I can see the rounded app icon in the App Store now… it is slowly coming.


:apple: :mad:!!!





Manzana… SMH


i’m gonna cri


Delete blockheads and get it back…

Pros: downloads the 1.7 version

Cons: you lose everything

I did this on my phone which has no worlds I care about :rofl:



It’s slowly coming.


guys the app store received the update
some people on iOS received it
you need to wait while your app store clears its cache to get new apps and updates


If it comes in the morning: