The Blockheads 1.7 Launches March 15th


Stop lyin


Too bad I have worlds I care about… :frowning:


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I took a chill break, NOW I’LL FREAK OF JOY! @DGPG We should shark race soon.


I’m bored.


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Blame Apple : /


Ladies and Gentleman we have a two hour delay on our update here…


image how I feel


It isn’t working for me mani




Hola, soy del año 2102, y so se, que él Update de Blockheads para 1.7 va a salir a la mañana de Marzo 15, 2018.


Me neither, you silly goose.


1.7 is already out for Android



if 1.7 was canceled for everyone who didn’t receive it


English: Hello, I’m from the year 2102, and I know, that the Update Blockheads for 1.7 will be out on the morning of March 15, 2018.


Everyone knows me from twitter or forums. When I join their like hey shahmmm. Im famous!!



Too bad iOS users! I got my 1.7 in control.