The Blockheads 1.7 Out Now!


We’re a one man dev team, with a one man customer care team. We rated the game to deter younger players, and we manage it as best we can, but it’ll never be perfect, and the only practical way to keep it fairly kid-safe is to remove multiplayer, chat, signs, and paintings. We prefer to be imperfect in order to avoid stripping game features, but eventually the game won’t be self-supporting, and the cloud will go entirely, thus making it child-friendly.


It didn’t use to be this way. It was only when 1.6.2 came out that it became 12+.




@majicDave Notch may have created Minecraft himself, but he didn’t fix all the bugs himself. Blockheads was a very promising game, so popular before all the hacks sprung up. Look at the amount of players left because you didn’t successfully fix them in 1.7. If only you got someone to help.


I haven’t seen nearly as many hackers in 1.7 than I did previously, but alright.


You can’t deny that all the tc hacking and duping hasn’t been patched. Those and the server lag + rollback problems are very real.

I want to support the game too, but it doesn’t seem to want to help itself, if you get what I mean.


I don’t want to discuss that shouldn’t be here but I disagree with not been patched the TC hacking was totally patched but the new way duping for 1.7 Dave probably working on it to patched again as soon as possible.


It just hasn’t reached you yet that’s all

I’m done with blind and loyal defending arguments that don’t look at things objectively so yeah just think whatever u like


I’ll agree when I see it myself kaypoppy, why don’t you message me?


Players started to leave after a year in 1.6 they wanted a update, now that a new update is out people will come back. That’s why not very many people are in 1.7 because of the people who left in 1.6. So you can’t blame majicDave for people leaving in 1.7 because 1.7 users love the update and have stayed. Even if magicdave is fixing the bugs and hacks without anyone you shouldn’t make MagicDave feel bad, look at how hard MagicDave is working to get them fixed. We should support MagicDave and appreciate what has been given to us because of MagicDaves work.


I know, and I agree. But a game is a business, not a family, and there aren’t enough kind people like you in the world who will be able to appreciate Dave’s efforts given the current state of the game.


Ok maybe Tc in safe hasn’t patched yet because there’s a lot outside there but they can’t use it anymore so what’s for just a display for them because when they want to use them the Tc will just disappear.


Harsh, but fair criticism there @kaypoppy
I do have to say though that despite the game still being imperfect, the game has improved compared to 1.6
Fewer trash/low effort servers in the cloud
Less hacker attacks (there are still hackers)

And yes, even if people acknowledge Dave’s effort on making the game better, that doesn’t just protect the game from criticism about its flaws

Yes the lag is a larger issue than in 1.6 imo, and some bugs are incredibly annoying.

As to your critique on staff, hiring people to work for you isn’t free, well not free if you want good quality, and judging by what Dave said as the dwindling revenue in 1.6, hiring someone to help seems like a bad idea

According to Dave, despite all the changes and flaws, the number of players who are still in the game hasn’t decreased heavily, so it seems that for all the games flaws, it’s not dying yet

I strongly agree with this. As much as I enjoy the game (despite me not playing as often)
And as much as I like the community and it’s friendliness, it feels like when a critique comes up in the community about the game, it’s met back with a common retort, or plain denial

It’s nice to see ideals clash, and conclusions be drawn in a respective manner, and I do find it difficult to believe most forum members share a similar opinion on everything blockheads related, but nonetheless that’s not what this thread is discussing

(I bet my 0.00 unicorns that no one understands this post)


you lost the bet. hand em over.


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I would be happy, but this game still hasn’t been updated for amazon yet. I understand that you think that since amazon has such a small player base t that it would not be worth the trouble to release the update on Amazon. But by doing this you are really killing the amazon player base and keeping it from ever growing. I would have expected better.


The Android developer is Noodlecake Studios. They made that decision based on viability. If you have any concerns to share with them please feel free to post them to the Android bugs forum, or contact their support or social channels.


Update 1.7.3 is available on iOS. This brings a bug fix and a bit of legal housekeeping.

Blockheads update 1.7.3 is now out

EU data policy?