The Blockheads 1.7 Out Now!


News posts are exempt I think.


Oh yeah. They are. Silly meh
But I am right about the hacks, right?


Pretty much.





We want the old creating servers system back

Good. Maybe consider the developer next time.


I’d get a job, a GOOD one if I can, and not waste precious time on making games for 6 year olds.




Exactly, deadly ^^


I’m Brer, but thanks for agreeing. LOL.


That doesn’t stop some people

“Can I have adim and start pack?”


Just because a game is universally enjoyed by all ages doesn’t make it bad, or a bad job to make games like it.


Yeah. I’m sure Dave loved meeting us in game and making new updates and surprising us with new features.


If I was Dave, I would allow more cursing on public servers & forums


If I was Dave, I would moderate it more heavily. It’s there for the kids’s protection.

But I’m not Dave.

I’m INeedPie.

So this is irrelevant.


He has Milla for that.


Many parents would complain, and many kids would no longer be playing this game.


What I mean is a better filter.


She adds words.


That’s the point.