The blockheads 1.8: A step into the future


Introducing The Blockheads 1.8


The blockheads 1.7 was an exciting update, it added breeding, pizza, and other great thing. However, 1.8 has come out, and it changes almost everything you know about the blockheads.

The Features

There are plenty of new features and even more behavioural changes, but here are some highlights.

  • Explosive Blocks

  • Paywalls!
    • Breeding pack: USD$39.99
    • Pizza Upgrade: USD$29.39
    • Time crystal blocks: USD$79.99
    • 2 blockheads: USD$69.99
    • 3 blockheads: USD$74.99
    • 4 blockheads: USD$86.99
    • 5 blockheads: USD$102.99
    • Shops: USD$199.99
    • Unlimited chatting: USD$99.99/month
    • 100 chat messages: USD$19.99
    • 200 chat messages: USD$34.99
    • 1000 chat messages: USD$149.99
    • Custom profile picture: USD$64.99
    • No ads: USD$4.99
    • Plants: USD$179.99
    • Coins: USD$249.99
    • Ores: USD$189.99
    • The blockheads PRO: USD$299.99/month
    • Custom rules: USD$99.99
    • Expert mode: USD$129.99
    • And more!
  • More animals! (at a cost)
    • Giraffes
    • Rabbits
    • Kangaroos
    • Millas
    • Birds
    • Lions
    • Tigers
    • Pigs
    • * USD$129.99 each
  • More flowers! (also at a cost)
    • Dandelions
    • Roses
    • Red flowers
    • Blue flowers
    • Purple flowers
    • Yellow flowers
    • Green flowers
    • All flowers USD$29.99 each
  • More admin tools! (at a COST)
    • /murder - Kills a player
    • /nickname - Changes name of players
    • /unowner - Removes the owner
    • All tools USD$99.99 each
  • Now uses fancy deprecated methods!
  • App now costs USD$49.99
  • Find more features by buying PRO!


Q: This will harm the game’s popularity!
A: No it won’t, our new featuresTM will bring new players and the old will stay!

Q: Everything is way too expensive!
A: That’s OK! Some people will buy our things, and we will raise enough money to support our company! The cloud costs money, you know!

Q: Isn’t the /unowner command too exploitable?
A: Yes, but we trust that the owners will admin players that they trust!

Q: This is ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■ ■■ horrible ■■ ■■ ■■■■!!!
A: Sorry, we do not accept spam.

Q: I’m deleting this app. This game is horrible now.
A: Reinstall it.


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All I can look at is Milla saying “Rawr” :joy:


It’s me being an animal.


I wonder if EA bought the game by any chance…


Ahh I see. Is your profile picture that animal you became?


Must be. It’s Awkwardipus.



I heard that you can travel to other galaxies in this update,

That said, where’s the luminous plaster stairs & columns?


For a price​:dollar::dollar:

  • also requires pro++


Abobe flash player.


At least cave trolls are free


That TNT is too similar to Minecraft’s might want to change it to avoid legal trouble, Dave.