The Blockheads - A History



Thank you Devyn! Yes, it was nice to meet Dave, and photo bomb him! :lol:


You are so lucky…

I first played when death wasn’t even a thing.


Yeah! And we burned our houses down with a campfire, TWICE A DAY. And we were HAPPY about it. And if somebody came along and they wanted your workbench, they just took it. And you couldn’t stop them. You just happily made a new one. And if you wanted a cup of coffee, you had to MAKE it because we didn’t have trade portals, oooooh, trade portals what are those? Bleh, and we were happy!! Making our own coffee and watching our workbenches walk away. Oh, look, there’s my house burning up again!

EDIT: I hope everyone reads this with a sarcastic Monty Python voice as it was intended.


It reads quite well in Spanish Inquisition.


I remember I was actually playing when the 1.6 update happened. Jets didn’t start at 3000 plat. They were affordable for about 10 minutes! I have never seen a price go up so quickly.


What a coincidence, the 10th also marks my 500 days on the forums. This game has taken a huge chunk out of my life!

Happy birthday to The Blockheads. Thank you to each and everyone in this community who has contributed to it. Playing a game that also clearly cares of its players is truly amazing, The Blockheads would have never been the same without its community and hard working managers such as milla and BlockheadBean. Big thanks to Dave of course and everyone who has helped him with his journey from a small game to where we are today.


Oh lol, I actually didn’t see the update till like the second day it was out I figured it was the same just a couple minutes it came out :lol:


Congrats mine 5 year is also completed :smile:


It’s been five years already?! …wait, now that I think about it, it has. Dang, I’ve got lots of memories with this game, one that sticks out to me was my first showdown with a Cave Troll when I was younger. They had broken my Tin Chestplate and I killed it with a Flint Spear. Death wasn’t out yet but it was exciting for young me nonetheless.


I should have thanked them at the end of the post, I’ll add a thanks to them now.




This is so awesome! It must’ve took you awhile.
Anyway, Happy B-day BH!!! :tada::balloon::balloon::cake::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:


I’m glad you like it, and Happy birthday Blockheads!


Yes! Happy birthday Blockheads! :star_struck:


5 years ???!

Oh boy


My 5 year anniversary on multiplayer in another year, too–started in 2014.
A couple days until my forum 5 year anniversary…


I started playing in January 2015, making it over 3 years of me playing this game! :smiley:

Thanks for all of the likes everyone, they mean a lot to me.


I wouldn’t allow myself to buy one for like 6 months because they were so mainstream. Then I finally did.


I bought one, before they got that expensive, and then when I went back to buy another, my jaw dropped and I just made one instead.


You forgot
And 1.6.3