The Blockheads - A History



And many others, but who cares about those. It’s the same reason I didn’t add “Dave says hello for the first time after releasing Blockheads, 2013.”.

I didn’t forget, I simply don’t care about minor updates. 1.6.3 isn’t a fun thing to recap on anyway, it was pretty annoying for those impacted with that crash bug.


I actually made an update list of my own. (Which is not 100% finished, haven’t gotten to Android). You could look at the Blockheads wiki, but I have this instead:



Cool, this was more of a main history list than an update list, even though updates dominated. I believe Android’s port was initially released in October of 2013.


I think October, yeah. I’m just putting that out there for anyone who needs it. :slight_smile:


Yeah, October 10th according to the wiki. I haven’t checked the actual change logs.


I’ll be working on more of my wiki soon.

I so want Blockheads to live a whole decade… it’s already been half of one! :wink:

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Awesome, and I think it will. Excited for Dave’s future works even after Blockheads.


I’m seriously excited about Ambience, but I love that The Blockheads lives on :slight_smile:


Same here!

@milla Ambience sounds pretty cool. Good luck to @majicDave to both games! :slight_smile:


I’m excited too, Devyn. Remember not to tag Dave unless really necessary.


I didn’t know that, thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.


Added these sweet photos of Blockserver to the OP.

Found 'em on internet archive.


How that happened geez


What happened?


This game has come quite a long way ever since I first played it way back in January of 2013 when iOS 6 was still around and we were on our ancient iPad 4s and iPhone 5s!

Glad to see it’s still alive and hopefully there will be another 5 more years of continued growth and development


I’m pretty sure I started playing on my iphone 3GS.


I added the launch of the forums to the timeline, 1.7 will be added when it is released.


Is kelp in 1.1 or 1.2?


1.1, I’ll fix that error. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

I also added when Noodlecake adopted The Blockheads to the timeline today.