The blockheads AI


Can we improve the blockheads ai? I once explored around a 1/16 world, and made a wall of 5 doors wide, (dont ask) and my blockhead decided to go around the entire house to place a torch, right beside the 5 door wide wall, on a ten block wide house, so I will show the layout of what happened, w is wood and d is door

Ps t means trapdoor
So my blockhead decided to go above my entire house, just to go to 5 blocks away from where it originally was, and my house was 6 stories tall, I then timed it to see if the ai was just doing something weird or was doiythe fastest route, and just simply going through the door was faster (ofc) and also had a few other problems with the ai, like not even being able to move one block without my guy having to stop and think about life before moving. Otherwise the ai is amazing, it keeps track of what you will collect on your journey before you collect it and is better then most ai that I have seen. But there is one major flaw (aside from the one above) it will not keep track of a workbench with no back wall being placed next to a workbench that will be placed soon, anyone had either of these problems?
EDIT the diagram I tried to make does not work for some reason just imagine the Ds are where the Ws end


I’m guessing this is what you meant? It’s possible the doors hadn’t all loaded, so the AI didn’t know that it could go through the solid blocks to the right (doors initially load as solid blocks, then are loaded as doors afterwards, same for practically everything)


Maybe but the blockhead was sitting right outside the doors and there were no lag walls


They’re designed to do that.



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Just keep your request simple. They’re not gods


Well yeah.
If they could think almost as well as humans do, they wouldn’t be called AI now, would they.
As Bibliophile already said, maybe the doors didn’t load, which happens a lot due to lag.
Also sometimes you may have clicked somewhere else with your finger by mistake, and not realised it, and then clicked inside your house, which might make the blockhead take a longer route.


Person or game? :question:


If the blockhead tries to go a super long distance it will fail, requiring it to be broken into segments, otherwise it is processing for forever.