The Blockheads. Amazing Potential, Sad Future

How Sapiens does has nothing to do with it, really. The Blockheads will run as long as its viable. It may be that the game remains available long after the hosting platform does. There’s no way to know how and when any of this might change.

Just a quick question relating to the hosting platform going down before BH does, I presume Mac Servers will still be a system after that, right? (It’s unrelated to the thread details, but it’s just related to your comment directly.)

The client and server apps should remain available for the same period.

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He shared an image of a white leaf block early this year. He hasn’t said anything else since then.

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The “Sad Future” of the Blockheads could make the game die (due to the incremental rising of hackers [PUBG experiences this problem too], script kiddies, online daters [they were prevalent on Roblox], toxic [to a great degree] anime roleplayers [which is more widespread], etc.).

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Not all anime role players are bad

fortnite is dying so minecraft has had a huge boost in popularity

This is not true anime servers are THE WORST in my op

Yes, kinda sorta, not really. While a good number of hacks (and the ones I most enjoy) use this, they are pretty much limited to single player.

The most damaging hacks (and nearly all hacks that work on servers) require dynamically overwriting functions in the game’s code to make the game think it can do things it shouldn’t be able to (for example there is a canFly function) Dave can block a good deal of what hackers can do, but there’s a balance. If Dave checked everything servers would be way slower, if nothing broke…


Anime servers maybe but people who like to anime rp aren’t always bad


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I think they mean someone who dupes or someone who’s a script kiddie; someone who’s exploited glitches. Playing this game does not magically make you a ‘hacker’ (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just has a negative connotation; Dave is a hacker, for example.)

But they said everyone is a hacker…

That would be their assumption.

As the owner of an anime server who keeps the server as wholesome as I can I would like to say that blaming all anime servers are quite rude and I would like you to not spread falsities as it ruins the reputations of good anime servers, thank you for reading and please don’t generalize.



Quite rude? How exactly was that rude? Please elaborate. I’d like to know what you mean.

Those are not falsities and they aren’t ruining the reputations of good anime servers. @Chi_chi wasn’t generalizing anything.

To put it simply, freedom of speech should be factored into this argument. I really do understand your frustration, but you are kind of overdramatizing @Chi_chi’s post.

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It is false to say all anime worlds are bad. Statement isn’t opinion. Opinion is when you put a conditional clause on, such as “I think…”


Um I played this game when hackers were
A thing I never hacked you can’t just assume that everyone has hacked your putting a dark shade on some of the older players that haven’t hacked don’t have millions of tc or even thousands for that matter

That’s your opinion some anime servers are good well as I agree some can be bad but I don’t agree that all r bad and you shouldn’t try to make that a statement than a opinion

As I see your point a lot of things can be easily fixed I’m sure Dave will start on blockheads when he gets sapiens out (witch I’m very excited for) for example the dupe glitch is a easy fix even though I have a theory that they know how to fix it and leave it to make getting some stuff easier

Woah good anime servers exist?
(FINE THEN in my opinion They really dont unless its a whitelisted one) (if your anime server is whitelisted then thats ok)
@aj440000 @Alexandra_Inglorien @TheRabbitKing sorry, typo there. Meant to add a comma-

Also, i would just like to make it clear i have nothing against anime itself, just anime servers

Yeah, ive noticed that.
@milla are there rules to this forum or something?

The forums used to send out a pm explaining everything, but I guess that’s been disabled because of the whole Discobot fiasco. (be warned, it’s pretty long)

Everything on how this site works.

The FAQ and About sections might be helpful as well.

I could’ve sworn there was another page detailing all the rules, but I can never seem to find it.

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