The Blockheads Community & You: PLEASE READ

Discussion of the global community rules outlined in the Meta description should be conducted here.

what’s that mean?

Reserving it if more space is needed, I guess.

Thanks for the thread, Milla!

Yep :slight_smile:

I just decided that I’d posted some useful content, but it was in too many places, so while the originating threads are still there for those who want to post to them, they’re combined into a single thread too, for ease of use.

:slight_smile: I love that the stickies have kinda been cleaned up, now there’s not, like, thirty stickies in each sub-forum XD So much easier to read!

At the first time I though that milla got frustasted about rules-breakers and decided to post a lot of sticked threads with rules XD

Are we allowed to do this? I never thought about doing that before for threads like guides and servers, but it’s a really good idea. Does it count as double posting?

I think so, I’ve seen lots of server/guides as you said reserve spaces that they later use.

What counts as spam? As I’ve seen different types of meanings. Is it when someone posts many times in succession that don’t contribute, or is it just when it doesn’t help the discussion at all? I want to make sure before I report someone- I’m worried I might report someone wrongly.
[edit] By posting in succession I mean in different threads. Just to clarify, as I know that you cannot post more than twice within one hour if no one posts after you. Or something like that.

Well, let’s face it, I can do things you can’t. Don’t assume something previously not okay is okay because I do it. Dave and I are exempt from forum rules when we choose.

Reserving post two in your own world thread is permitted though, as it is with threads where your OP is likely to get larger over time. It’s something people often do, so I thought that was fairly common knowledge. I’ll add this information to my OP.

:smiley: good job milla :smiley:

i was just about to post a thread asking for the stickies to be cleaned up :stuck_out_tongue: milla beat me

If we give out negative rep to people who reply to spammers, and Milla deletes the thread and all the spammy replies, does that negative reputation vanish?

I hope so because I just got negative rep for posting this thread in a spam thread…makes a lot of sense.

To remind people not to post there. Who already posted there.

This is a better way of finding all the tips, thank you Milla :slight_smile:

You create more work for Milla by replying to a spammer. She now has to delete your post as well as the original.

Doesn’t deleting the thread delete all of the posts in it?

It wasn’t a response to the spam. It was a response telling people the rules about spam posts.

And the down rep remark is gone from the settings menu but the point is still deducted. Which answers your question.

If they start a new thread it does, but often they don’t, which is why that rule is in place.

I have just updated the rep rules, because we have had a case of someone revenge repping, i.e. negative rep voting against someone because they had been negatively rep voted by them. This is completely out of line, and the revenge repper is going to lose reputation, and their victim is going to gain reputation, thus defeating the purpose of the offender. I’m not impressed, and request that if you receive a rep vote you consider unreasonable or vengeful please report it as per the OP. Most certainly don’t rep vote the person concerned in retaliation. That will just get you punished.