The Blockheads Community & You: PLEASE READ


maybe you should add here that you should speak english on the forums and not another language?


Cactus Jack just to be clear I didn’t give you that negative rep vote like I said I was just being funny on that thread. And I would also never be so unreasonable.


Do you think I need to? I mean I could stipulate a lot of things, but so many are implied, and I think it’s nicer not to state the obvious :slight_smile:

I could say that if you post in another language you need to post an English translation for it in the same post, I guess. That kind of covers off everything without laying down the smack more than necessary!


That’s why I say -AdHater for adspammers.

P.S. What does i.e. stand for?


I don’t understand your post, except the postscript, for which the answer is “id est”, which means “that is”.


I know that it can be used to mean “example” or “as an example”

She afterwards said something that can be considered an example, but I believe in this case, she was simply stating what had happened.


ah okay, I never knew that it meant “that is” in latin.


I think you’re referring to e.g., which stands for “exempli gratia”, which means “for the sake of example”. They do get mixed up but have two different purposes :slight_smile:


Ah cool. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


Yeah, someone down repped me for saying “LOL, double LOL useless comment” on my thread " a leetle problem" the thing is the comment wasn’t actually useless. Wait, never mind I’m just confusing myself.


I have no idea who down repped me for posting the rules about responding to spam threads in the spam thread. So I don’t know what you’re talking about about arella, im pretty sure tanooki did. But I also didn’t down rep you or anyone recently except the spammer himself.


I only use down rep for two reasons - people trying to pick a fight or breaking the rules.

edit I mean like the guy who was bragging about the TCs on the apology thread, and generally being an idiot.


I wasn’t accusing you cactus, just making it clear that I wouldn’t do something like that.

All good K?


In that case you’re misusing it. You should be giving positive rep as well, for posts you think are especially great.


I give a lot of positive rep. I almost rarely use negative rep.

Although I do find I’m apparently trying to rep the same people a lot, and get messages about spreading it around before I can give more rep to certain people.

edit to clarify What I mean is I never give down rep for silly or pointless threads or comments. It might not be my cup of tea, but I don’t think it makes the person less reputable. I do, however, learn whose posts I can ignore and whose posts are worth reading. It saves a lot of time and headache.

new edit What I’m trying to say is giving out reputation is not meant to be personal, or attacks. The point is that we can curb or encourage behavior based on rewards or punishments. It’s not my place to try and curb silliness or posts that I’m not interested in, but I’ll try to curb rule breaking.


Oh, I see! Sorry, I though you meant you only gave negative. My bad :slight_smile:


No worries. We’re all friends here. :smiley:


I’m seeing a lot of two accounts/one device notices. If you are sharing a device to use this forum please email support at about it, so I don’t merge two separate people’s accounts into one, and hand out punishment where I shouldn’t be. If you don’t get in touch there will be issues.


I’ve just added a rule about including UTC (GMT) times to posts, as well as your local times. Please let people know if you see them posting their local time only, but only in the nicest possible way. New rules mean people deserve a little slack :slight_smile:


Oh okay, so UTC is basically just GMT? That makes things a lot easier.


Yes, UTC is a relatively new name for it. It’s older than most of the people here, but is new in the big picture :slight_smile: