The Blockheads Connected Unions (Based off of the Blockheads United Nations)

This is a group of active servers who promote each other, kindness, following rules, and staying connected! It’s based off of the Blockheads United Nations founded by @jemnidad. If you want your server to be a part of it, these are the rules:

  • You may not dupe, grief, bully, troll, discriminate, or hack in these servers.
  • It must have credit and be active.
  • The owner must PM me to be in it.


Current Members:


Should the contents of the topic be merged into the old topic (or vice versa)?

I don’t really know myself. They have the same idea, but have different servers, rules, and titles. So maybe not.

PM Rose

We have 7 new members:

Also: All members should join the discord server.


If anyone is searching for my servers, there are some copycats, so beware.
Skylands Arena is owned by Jemni
and Rabbithole and Looking Glass are both owned by Mad Hatter

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I have a case for griefing rule changes.

Let’s say the point of your worlds is factions. When your world is based upon warring factions and legitimate gameplay, the destruction of structures will generally be a part of those servers. Maybe the griefing rule could be amended to being more flexible, either no griefing at all or no griefing using illegitimate methods for servers with destruction as an aspect of their gameplay.


Griefing shouldn’t be permitted in these servers. If the point of the server is to raid and grief, that’s a different thing. If your server has that as a central theme, PM me, and we can talk there.

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Might check this out to see if the blockheads server community is active again (It was at a low point when I left the community, and there was only a handful of good servers that had players)


@JESUISMANUEL Alright I’m sorry. I wish I’d known this, but I hadn’t. I wish you hadn’t said that publicly, and like that. Next time you raise awareness about LGBTQ+ and BLM, maybe you should do it by being positive, and not completely shutting my trying down. I fully support LGBTQ+ rights and the BLM movement. (As it says on my profile and server WM,) But I don’t like things like that reported publicly, where everyone can comment, and not everyone knows the full story. This union is a place for inclusion and unity. Though it wasn’t my idea, I felt that with all the bad going on in the world, I needed to bring it back. Thanks.


Is for for Cloud servers only, that are “searchable” by name, or are Mac servers able to join?

If Mac servers are fine, I’m considering the main admin of worlds that are being hosted at to be the de facto owners. So my permission wouldn’t be needed, even though these are being hosted on my computer. (Apparently “server owner” is ONLY available on Cloud servers at the moment.)

All tbh servers are allowed please PM me if you want to be a part of the union! :slight_smile: :wink:

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