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Section 1: Minerals and Items

1.1: Where do I find flint / clay?
These can both be found near the surface in the dirt. Flint is more common than clay.

1.2: Where do I find Ingots?
You don’t. You make Ingots in a furnace from the ores you have mined.

1.3: Where do I find Bronze/Steel ore?
You don’t find these as ore, they’re composite metals made up from ingots of natural minerals.
Bronze is made from Copper and Tin Ingots, Steel is made with Iron and Coal.

1.4: Can time crystals be gained other than buying them in the store?
Yes, you can find time crystals throughout your world underground as bluish glassy blocks. They are quite plentiful and you will find a lot of them in caves. You can use the gem pickaxe a from the portal to multiply the amount of time crystals received from each time crystal block.

1.5: Where do I find Gold?
You won’t see Gold until you’re really deep underground, in about the lowest third of the rock.

1.6: Where do I find Basalt? What can I use it for?
Basalt is found where Water meets Lava (at the bottom of the world). The Water needs to cover the Lava one block thick to create Basalt, otherwise it all boils off. Basalt only has decorative use.

Section 2: Plants & Fruit

2.1: My plants have died!
Plants have a life cycle and will eventually die after some time. Be sure to harvest the seeds from the plant so you can replant them. You may have also planted somewhere unsuitable for the crop, certain plants only grow well in certain locations.

2.2: Where do I find [certain kind of fruit]?
All fruit is found on trees and plants at the surface, but some of these only grow well at certain locations. Some prefer the warm equators, others prefer colder locations. It’s hard to tell some of them apart when they’re not fruiting. Coffee, for example is rare and will only be found growing near the equators.

Everybody’s world is different, so nobody can tell you where to go to find a certain kind of fruit. Some information on what areas you’ll the plants prefer to grow can be found here.

Section 3: Animals / Mobs

3.1: Where can I find Donkeys?
Donkeys will spawn wherever carrots are growing. You’ll probably find them around the same time you find carrots.

3.2: How do I ride a Donkey?
With a Carrot on a Stick. You make one of these at the craft bench. You’ll also need a bit of string, and you make that from Flax.

3.3: Why do Dropbears keep attacking me?
Dropbears will attack you if you attack them, or the tree they are living in. They will also attack you if at night, dropping out of their tree and surprising you. During they day they are less likely to attack, but this is not guaranteed.

3.4: How can I get more Dodo Birds closer to my house?
Dodo Birds like Apples, so plant some near your house and they will spawn there.

Section 4: Surprises

4.1: I came back home to find all my chests had disappeared!
Did you leave a fire burning anywhere nearby? Anything close to your campfire can catch fire and be destroyed, be careful!

Section 5: The world

5.1: Are there special items are at the poles / equators?
Yes, when you reach the pole / equator you will see a pole sticking out of the ground. You can climb these with ladders / blocks. The items are:
East Equator: Sunrise Hat of Fullness
West Equator: Sunset Skirt of Happniess
South Pole: South Pole Boots of Speed
North Pole: North Pole Hat of Warmth

5.2: Can I have more than one Blockhead in a world?
Yes, you’ll need some Time Crystals and 5 of a certain kind of fruit, at the portal. You can warp in up to five Blockheads.

5.3: How large is the world?
1024 blocks high (from the lava to the space), 16384 blocks wide, with sea level being in the middle.

5.4: How can I find out where I am?
See this post

Warning! (Campfires)
What are quick and easy ways to find iron ore?

Hmm, I’ve seen people ask a lot about the poles and equators. So you could add:
Are there any items on top of the poles and equators around the world?
Yes, there are an item on top of each pole/equator which can enhance your character.

East equator: Once reaching the east equator, climb to the top and there should be a hat called ‘Sunrise Hat of Fullness’. Wearing this hat prevents the blockhead wearing it getting hungry.

West Equator: Once reaching the west equator, climb to the top and there should be a skirt (or pants) called ‘Sunset Skirt of happiness’. Wearing this allows your Blockheads happiness bar to always stay at least half.

South Pole: Once reaching the South Pole Climb to the top and there should be some boots called ‘South Pole Boots of Speed’. This allows your Blockhead to run faster in any terrain.

North Pole: Once reaching the North Pole climb to the top and there shod be another hat called ‘North Pole Hat of Warmth’. Wearing this hat prevents you from getting injured in the coldest places in your world.

Or maybe:
Is blockheads going to be put on PC/Mac/Androids?
(These are majicDaves words)I’m not making any promises at this point, though I am looking into various options to port it to Android. A Mac or PC port is probably a little less likely

Edit: added answers


How long do I have to wait for multiplayer auto-match? (Or something similar)

Blockheads does not support the auto-match feature, but there is not a way to stop GC from showing the auto-match option. To play multiplayer you must add your friend on GC, select 2 player on a world and choose “invite friend” . Alternately, your friend could invite you to their world and you would just need to accept and let GC take care of the rest.

(No idea how to condense my thoughts so sorry it’s too long)


Q: Can I have more than 1 blockhead in a world?

A: Yes, but you must have 100 time crystals and 10 of a certain kind of crop for a second blockhead, and 200 time crystals and 10 of a different kind of crop for a third blockhead. They can be purchased at your spawn portal or any portal you craft. There is a maximum of 3 blockheads per world.

Q: Can time crystals be gained other than buying them in the store?

A: Yes, you can find time crystals throughout your world underground as bluish glassy blocks. They are quite plentiful and you will find a lot of them in caves. You can use the gem pickaxe a from the portal to multiply the amount of time crystals received from each time crystal block.


Actually after you buy your first blockhead it becomes 200 TC and 10 of a different crop.

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