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Thanks folks, I’ve haven’t had a lot of time to keep the FAQ updated but I’ll try to do so this week.

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I can’t figure out how to cook raw food or make torches for underground digging trips. Can you inform me how to do so? Thank you!


Get 10 sticks, and use the Workbench to make a Campfire.


Ive got the campfire down. I’ve tried placing the raw food in the fire and it doesn’t cook and I’m not sure how to light the sticks for torches. I need step by step directions apparently .


You use the fire just like you use the Workbench. Tap on (without an item) and a box pops up showing you all the different things you can craft there, like torches, cooked Dodo meat etc.


Thank you very much!

Two Blockheads FAQs?

I cannot reply to the 1.3.1 update thread. Why?


After making yarn with flax, how do you make clothes?


You actually use a “Tailors Bench” made at the level 2 workbench, and make linen to make linen clothes. Also, all crafting recipes and stuff can be found in abcboy’s list of items in hints & tips, if you need to know any other ways to craft certain items. If you can’t find it there, then you can check back with us.

Here’s the link to abcboy’s complete list of items!!


Oh. My. Glob.
What about wooden trapdoors?


I wrote this info based on posts I’d seen, back when I hadn’t played Blockheads much. I haven’t actually tested myself whether chests will burn when wood next to them also catches fire.

It’s basically just a collection of answers to questions I saw a lot of when I started modding here, I was hoping somebody would take it over since modding is really all I’m here to do, and it hasn’t been updated since 1.3 came out.


Oh. My. Glob.
What about wooden trapdoors?

Not unless the trapdoor’s texture is of wood. And chests have been able to catch on fire…


Where can you find diamonds, I hear you ask.

Deep, deep underground.

Don’t even bother searching in the top two thirds of the earth. While diamonds do very occasionally appear higher up, there may only be one in the whole world at that level.

Find or follow caves in the bottom third of the earth to find most diamonds. Basically, if you’re seeing a lot of iron ore or gold nuggets, you’re in the right area.

Very occasionally, you’ll find a diamond or two in treasure chests, which can appear anywhere in the earth. I was walking on the surface, about to go for a swim, when I spotted a treasure chest under the sand. Inside were six (yes, six!) diamonds. So you can get lucky!

You may also be awarded a diamond for meditating.

Diamonds are needed to upgrade a portal to the final level. Once it’s upgraded, you can warp in the most powerful tools in the game - the diamond pickaxe (which mines six times as much as a standard pickaxe), and the diamond shovel, which awards you random (but valuable!) items as you dig. It’s a lot of fun to use that shovel! It even awards different types of items depending on what you’re digging in.

If you’ve purchased the double time option, and you’re using a steel pickaxe, the diamond pickaxe will award you 18 times the item! That’s why it’s the most powerful tool in the game. So don’t waste it on rock! Oh, and it’s also the most durable and long-lasting of all the bonus tools. It’s not as durable as the steel pickaxe, but it lasts quite a lot longer than the ruby pickaxe, for example.

I hop this helps you find the bestest and funnest gem of all time - the diamond.


Cephas, you can post that in the “Hints and Tips” section.


How do I send private messages?


Easy way: click on a member’s name, then click ‘Private Message’ on the menu that pops up.

Other way: click ‘Private Messages’ just under the pic of the blockhead’s chin at the top of the page to access your inbox.

(This really belongs in the Forum FAQ. This FAQ is for Blockheads gameplay, so I’ll move it in a day or two after you’ve seen it).


How can i ride a donkey?


First thing you have to do is craft a carrot on a stick.

If you have done that then you click on the carrot on a stick and click on a donkey and tilt your device.


Very informative guide. And those diamonds. Makes me cry. Havent even seen one.