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No but trees do.


Just go to a mountain and look for a cave there and go inside and you will find some gems


Ummm… Is the Game Available For android:confused: :slight_smile: . Or Not :frowning:

My Friend recommends me to play it But I can’t


It’s coming out soon hopefully. But it is a very complicated game to move to android and that is why it has taken so long!!


Can you spawn donkeys underground? If so, how?
How do you make a water and ice generator when you are living at the north pole? How do you make it so that the ice spawns and creates more water then it started? I have a prototype water and ice generator already but it takes quite a while to get water on its own.


Uh oh… That could be another secret of 1.4 update!!!


Who would sell a dimond


Is there any way to relocate our 1st portal to another location? If not then is it possible to set another portal as the primary portal for other players to warp through?


That could be in the questions section, but no, you cannot change the spawn location


Ok thank you


Is it normal for blockheads world to get deleted randomly like glitch cuz tt is wat happened to me​:scream::sob:


Can I transfer what I’ve done on one device to another? and does deleting the app/factory reseting the device delete all my data as well? My iPad is getting old and lagging really badly when I play blockheads so I want to move my data to a newer device. Thanks.


No, it isn’t normal at all. If you can provide any more details around what happened before the world disappeared, please start a thread in Bugs & Glitches.


Blockhead bean…do I have to pay to get a server on


You had already seen and replied to Pokemonblocks answer to this in your thread so why did you ask it here afterwards :confused: She wasn’t lying to you…


How are Black glass and black tinted glass different?
Why did my ice tower melt when im on the exact north pole?
Why doesnt the connect button work in made my game crash
What does the gold pickaxe give when i use it on ice?
How can i build a lava base?


Black glass can be used to craft things that need specifically black glass.

Single or multiplayer?

What server?


That’s an exploitable glitch, and shouldn’t be said.



Single player


Ooohhh…sorry but just asking question and it was a glitch?


Did you see the water from the melting or did it just disappear?

The game can crash for many reasons, as long as it’s not recurring, it’s fine.

Yeah, they couldn’t be removed. You could put lava iron doors and trapdoors around spawn.