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How so yo vote for a pole


Are you in mobile mode? If so, go to full mode.

Are you sure the poll isn’t closed? If it’s closed, you can’t vote.

Otherwise, it should be obvious.


I am in mobile mode.


You have to go to the full site (link is at the bottom of the page) to vote in polls.


It came out already


Yes it did, but that post was made before it was out




Helps a lot.


Uh, what all can i use gold coins and bronze coins for?

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You could smelt them into bronze ingots and gold ingots, that’s about it for single player.

However, if you have coins in multiplayer(portal chest your coins from single player!), you could buy items from shops set up by other players.


Actually it’s copper coins. Not bronze coins.

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My sister and I really want to play local together, but somehow, it’s not letting us, even the time is correct and we are on the same Wifi network. Why does and how does it happen?



One of you is hosting and the other is joining, correct? Both through local network?


Yes, abcboy, but it refuses to load.



It’s annoying.



It mostly started when I got back from China and updated to 1.5.



Is the game not finding the other world or is it not letting you connect afterwards?


Q: What does the tinfoil hat do?
A:It turns on an AI that does certain things for you.


How do you get pigment?