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Sorry,but can’t start a topic. :frowning:

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Hiya csburns:) Welcome to the blockheads forums!
What kind of platform are you on, such that you want to know how to start a topic? Tapatalk (an application), mobile version of the forums, or the desktop version?
Here’s the desktop version:

Now do you see the green ‘forums’ button? Click on that.

Scroll down and choose which forum is appropriate for the topic/thread you want to start. For example, suggestion threads in the ‘Suggestions forum’.

Once you click on the forum, you will see a green button near the left side of the screen, ‘Post new thread’. Click that and…you will be brought to a page where you can start doing up your own topic/thread:D

All those are for the desktop version. If your trouble isn’t with that, please feel free to post which version you are having trouble with:) As a fellow forum member, I will try my best to help, as well as everyone else on this forum^_^


The game’s not letting me connect after it says the world name that I’m connecting to.



My device is an iPod 4th generation iOS 6.1.6. If that helps. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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>_< I don’t know if what I said helped you:p So here’s the mobile version just in case:

Make sure you’ve logged in already. Click on the forums.

Select the forum you want to make the new thread in. Then you will see the button ‘
New thread’. Click on that:)
If you already figured this out, haha just ignore this:3


Sorry I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a boat so I can go fishing and avoid the sharks. Could you tell me how to make a boat? And also how to get the fishing rod to work .


fishing rod and boat are both crafted at the craft bench lvl 2

fishing rod needs 5 worms (i think), one string, and one stick
boat needs 3 linen and two wood


Is there a thread for new mods to ask questions?

I was recently made a moderator on my favorite server. While I do have 10 years’ teaching experience, I don’t know very much about the in game tools available to moderators. Specifically, I’d like to know how to tell if somebody’s wiped the blacklist/banned list, since we’ve had that happen before and disgruntled players came back to grief.
In this instance, last night I looked at the blacklist last night and it was full, but this morning there was only one player.



No, but you can start a new one or ask the question in the questions section. Also, are there other mods/admins?


There are other admins and mods on this server, but they’re all offline atm. I didn’t want to wait because one of the banned players is prone to griefing any time she gets on the server.

Where would you suggest putting the new thread?


You can ask the question in the “Questions” section of the forum


Hi im new here but how do u post pictures on the mobile version


What do thos Tin helmets do to you and how they work?


Are you in Tapatalk or a web browser? :wink:

They’re armour, they can protect you from being harmed as badly and losing health :D. You can also craft chestplates, leggings, and boots for even more protection!


Oops wrong thing tho mid control helment one add out of tinfoil

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You can make clothes at the Tailor’s Bench


This morning I was coming home from exploring the world and I had different items in my baskets. I opened the Killin craft menu and I saw a rainbow looking body suit and the recipe is unknown, like it has the word unknown with question marks. I found nothing on the Internet, please help me. What other unknown items can I craft and how??


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