The Blockheads for Other Platforms (Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, PC)

Disclaimer: I have no game creation/developing knowledge, this is just something I wanted to suggest, so please don’t be offended if I say something that is not possible.

I was playing this game when I had an epiphany. What if this game was ported to other platforms? For example, if it was to be ported to the switch, it could easily be done using touch controls just like on tablets and phones. However, to use it on the Switch using an actual controller would be harder, but then I believe you would be able to use basically the same idea to port it to other gaming consoles. However, this begs the question of whether or not this could be ported to Windows/Mac as well. This is just my suggestion, and a question I’ve had for a while. Thanks for reading!

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Well it’s not impossible but for regular players, it’s well known that Dave will not be making the game in any other platform. Not even pc.

You can try messaging Mills. Maybe you know someone that might want to help add other plateforms from Dave if he is willing. Idk.

I’ve seen many sources saying Windows and Linux won’t be having any help, unfortunately. I suppose console edition would be interesting but I can’t imagine the controls being easy to use. I do find this idea unique and pretty general, but I would say it’s possibly a bit too hard. Plus with Dave’s focus on his new game this would take months out of that…

Dave said somewhere that he won’t port the game to other platforms.

Many people suggested a computer version of the Blockheads, and majicdave himself has no plans. I honestly find out that the Playstation/XBox versions are extremely hard to control, when the Switch is the only console capable of playing the Blockheads if ported mainly due to Touch controls.

You guys can use Bluestacks if you wanna play the game on PC.

the problem with BlueStacks is that it’s an Android emulator, and for some reason, Android doesn’t have local network multiplayer

Even if the Android version did have it, it wouldn’t work for Android emulators since they are connected to a virtual network.

oh yeah… that sucks

I don’t see why it would be hard to control. You could use the controller’s d-pad to move, the a, b, x, and y buttons for certain functions (interaction) and the shoulder buttons could be used for going through the inventory. of course this is all speculation, and would take time to get used to as it’s something new, but I believe it would be possible.

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There are no plans to port The Blockheads to any more platforms. Dave is hard at work on the next (computer) game right now, the Blockheads is aging, and to be honest, I don’t think he’s happy with the base engine of The Blockheads. He started from scratch with the new game, Sapiens, not re-using anything really, from The Blockheads. It was sub-optimal when he first started it, simply because he didn’t know what he now does, and I don’t think he’d ever want to re-use that old code for anything.

Sapiens, which he’s going to a lot of trouble to keep clean, is going very well, and you can read more about it here:

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It’s cool to know that there’s a new game coming out! One question. Is this (The Blockheads) the only other game made by Majic Jungle Software? Thanks!

There were two Chopper games. The first was one of the earliest Apple games. The second was one of the first to allow the use of iPhone as a controller for playing on an iPad. They are no longer available.

That’s cool! Sad to know I won’t be able to try them tho. I could look around on YouTube and see what it was like at least, so that’s good. Thanks for replying so quickly!

From the trailer, it looks like it would have been a fun game (at least Chopper 2 does, cuz that’s what was on Dave’s channel)

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Flight simulators give me motion sickness, so I took a look, but never played. I assume they were fun. They did well :slight_smile:

Hello, Do anyone knows if a cross platform interpreted programming language was evaluated as an option for the new programming project?

I think I never been fully happy with any code project I have written, as i learn and become aware of past mistakes, most of the times, mistakes, or incorrect assumptions, are to expensive to change, and to me, and to many like me, legacy code becomes a burden…

Haha, I had a dream where I got a Nintendo switch and I was able to play blockheads on it. Man, I wish for both the Nintendo switch and the blockheads game on it…

GameClub has released Chopper 2 - in Beta at least… not sure if they’ve ever fully released a game :slight_smile:

Dave is using C++ for the engine as speed is really important. For the game behavior itself, he is using Lua.