The Blockheads Forum App


As suggested by the title, there should be an app for the forum. I feel like it would be easier to respond to things by recieving notifications. I also feel it would be more convenient. Any reason why not? I just want to see all sides.


Moved to meta since this is a suggestion about the forum, not the game. :slight_smile:


Oops. I just got so used to pressing the suggestions bar. Thx


Discourse actually have an app you can download.


Really? Does it have pop up notifications? Thx for telling me by the way.


yes but the reviews for it wasn’t that good tho


I have it but could never get it to work right. I just access the forums through safari. It is a lot less trouble.


Oh that’s too bad. That could be really cool too for us mobile people.


Meh, I find safari easier to use, although sometimes safari says I don’t have internet connection when I do :frowning:


I use Safari for the forums, and Firefox for other forums on my mobile devices. I used to use an app with the old forums software, as it was rubbish but the Discourse board is way more mobile-friendly. We won’t be developing an app for our forums. There may be third party apps you can try though, if the Discourse app isn’t great.


Thank you for the feedback! I think I’m going to check out the discourse app too and see my preference.


Was it Tapatalk?

I use the Discourse app, and yes, I admit it can get buggy, but a simple refresh should fix it. Well, on Android at least.

I guess you can consider that an app. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry if I’m late for this, but there’s a way you can add this website to your home page :wink: tell me if you want to know it, I’ll probably just edit this post


Oh thank you for your advice, yet I already have it on my homepage. Thx again for your help tho!