The Blockheads Forums is not Secure?

These browsers claim that the forum is not secure. Why is this the case? Should I be worried?



Google Chrome


Microsoft Edge


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Do you have Anti-Virus software injecting insecure stuff into the page? Chrome says that this page is fully secure.

Are there any user uploaded insecure image links? That is another source of partial insecurity.


Brave also claims that the forum is not secure.

This has been brought up a few times before. It will continue to not be secure whenever anyone includes a non-https image in a post and you view that post.

The page does not reload when you change threads, so it will stay insecure even after you leave that thread.

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My Safari window has the little lock next to the website, indicating that it is seen as secure

I don’t see a lock.

It’s secure for me

It’s secure. Bibliophile is onto it.

I don’t have a padlock either, but if I tap on the URL it shows as HTTPS.

Oh, good to know.

I’ve fixed the yellow star file I use to make Dave and I stand out.

brave and opera say it’s secure for me

Mine claims that its safe

In google chrome

It is. The site is encrypted by default. The only problem before was the remote image I used for Dave and I. I switched that over the other day.