The Blockheads has been removed from the Google Play Store

NOTE: You can now download the APK from the official Blockheads Android webpage:

Image that the download page accessed on Chrome Browser.

Hi, I’m South Korean. I tried to download the game but, I couldn’t. Also, I couldn’t find the download page even in Google Play. I don’t know what is the problem.


Have you tried finding it in the Google Play app?


Yep, but the app that I was finding wasn’t found.

Maybe, your country doesn’t have it there. Try using a VPN, and see if that works.

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if the app isn’t available in your country you can search for “blockheads apk download” in google and install it that way… i believe this works for any android app :wink:

Please note that we cannot certify the safety of installed builds of the game sourced from third parties. Only the Google Play, Amazon, and The App Store are known to be safe and legitimate. Installing builds from third parties exposes you to the danger of malware, keyboard loggers, and other malicious code. Download builds from third party sites at your own risk - milla


I was just trying to download it myself and couldn’t find it. Android 10, United States, I even tried going to the website and using that link but it wouldn’t load anywhere


Maybe contact the Android developer. They’re Noodlecake Studios. It looks like they have removed it from the Play store.


Yep, it’s removed from the Play Store here too.


Nooo it’s gone from here too!

I uninstalled the game to see if it would fix a problem that nobody seems to be fixing,but then when I went to the Google play store to reinstall it,I can’t find it anywhere even when typing it in search.

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The app seems to not be in the app store anymore? I’m kinda confused whats going on, why has it been deleted and will it get added back? I’ve contacted the developer, I have not got a reply yet, hopefully this will soon get sorted

Are you on Apple? Curious, since you said “App Store”.

No no I mean the Google play store aha

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Why though? Strange.

I know you may not know why, but it is questionable.

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Well, I hope the application be returned in soon.

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Dave hasn’t heard back yet. No doubt he will hear when they reopen on Monday, Canadian time.

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Can someone tell me how to get it i got it on this device before and i cant find it on the google playstore now,

They removed it from the play store.

Do you know why?