The blockheads in Blockheads!


To do this, you’ll need a phone. The phone will give your blockhead happiness, but it’ll drain its energy.

It can be crafted at the metal workbench. The crafting time will take 2 mins.
Items required to craft item:
2 Glass
4 wire
2 steel

After you’re done, your blockhead will be able to play video games. While playing games, the blockhead will have a bar and a stop button (like a meditation bar). Once the bar reaches max (after 5 min 30 sec) your blockhead will stop because it needs to take a break. You won’t be able to use the phone again until a while, or if the phone dies.
However, you can charge the phone up to 100% by using a charger. Chargers can be crafted at the metal workbench

How to make a Charger:
3 wire
2 blocks of plaster

You need to attach a charger to a flywheel. To do so, just hold the phone in your inventory and click on the flywheel. When you do, there’ll be a button that says “charge”. It takes 5 min to charge to 100%.


A game inside of a game inside of a game inside of yet another game which also has yet another game inside which also happens to contain yet another game inside of that game which also contains another game inside the inside of that game within a game which has also another game within it.
P.S it sounds like a good suggestion. Simple but pretty cool!


It would be cool to make strategy minigames or something like that to earn TC.


Can you please provide what games will be available, and what rewards?




In game BlockheadBook with share to actual Facebook.


It’s called the Blockheads forums…


Yeah but you can’t share videos


Yeah you can :stuck_out_tongue:


Another place where I saw this kind of concept is a pet-training game, where you can command your pet through different mini games to earn credit or whatever.

More realistically, a beeper (or pager) for the blockmarket may be a good thing to have

I can’t even post links ;-;


Low energy = Low Happiness. :question:


But it would make sense still-at some point your blockhead’s low energy will affect its happiness


You can share links but not post the actual video. Oh and that thing you shared, I’m pretty sure, is a GIF. Lol :joy:




When the phone has low energy (technically battery).

Also, may I suggest more items for the phone recipe?