The blockheads in real life (4K)



Next time I go outside I will bang my body into a tree. :slight_smile:




The end of your video enlightened me about mining trees. :smiley:


I will smash my face into a tree. Repeatedly.

Jokes aside, is the BH’s nose a lego piece of some sort?


Before watching this video I was an unintilligent poor man. Now I have 2 families and 16 jobs, I make 4 billion dollars a day, I have been enlightened. I own 40 mansions and everyone hugs me and asks for autographs when I walk out to the streets. I have truly been gifted. Would definitely recommend


So that’s how Bill Gates got his money…


It’s a 2x2 jumper plate, the official colour name is medium _____. Forgot the colour buts it’s a shade of brown


Same here! Why bother watching Rick and Morty to increase your IQ when you could do this and become the smartest person in the world!


This is absolutely beautiful. :ok_hand::slight_smile:


Had a not so pleasant first experience with rick and morty, gonna stay away from it for a bit…


How to mine a tree:
Bang into it.


thats cute lol


am i doing something wrong? i feel like i got dumber after seeing this


This is the Quality Content That keeps me on the forums


No comment just :ok_hand: