The Blockheads & iOS9 Survey - we want your help!


Hi guys. Due to reports here, and a few in the support queue, about issues with The Blockheads under iOS9 I’ve put together a quick survey, to try and gather information that Dave can use in diagnosing the issue. If you have installed iOS9 or higher on your Apple device it would be greatly appreciated if you would be so kind as to spare us some of your time here:

The survey is short and does not request any personal information at all. If you are under 13 we need to request that your parents submit any further information, such as a crash reports, via email on your behalf. We have no way to verify that you do this, but trust that you will always protect your own privacy by never sharing personal information, such as your email address or full name, without keeping an eye to your privacy and safety.

Thanks in advance!


:open_mouth: iOS 9 users have problems?!? Ugh! I still can’t update ;-;


Not all. Most with powerful devices don’t seem to. Enough that we want to know what the cause is so it can be fixed though.


I have an ipad (two actually) but no idea what ‘version’ it is… under ‘general’, then ‘about’ it has ‘version’ but it says ‘9.0(13A344)’. Nothing of the choices that the survey asks and because it’s a required section, ceased doing the survey. If you can enlighten me on what version I have, I shall hopefully be able to complete the survey.



Then it’s running iOS9. That’s what the 9.0 signifies. Which device generation it is is anywhere between first and fifth. You need to look at the model to work that out.


I kinda want to upgrade just to see if there’s any problem with the blockhead on the iPhone 6 but I would hate it if there is a problem >.> such a dilemma.


My device is not new ;-; Like its new but not the latest generation ;( iPad Mini 2! I should not update…


Just so everyone knows, joke submissions just get deleted as soon as they’re seen. I’m not even reading them. Don’t waste your time or mine.

To whoever posted they have an [TABLE]
[TD]iPad Mini[/TD]
I’m afraid there is no such thing. iPad Mini has four generations only: 1, 2, 3, and 4.


Brer Rabbit: I moved your post into its own thread. It’s not the issue this thread is about.


Is there a stable version of blockheads on


Define stable :slight_smile:

There is 1.6.1. A bug fix update further to that will be begun soon.


What version would this new bug fix update be? 1.6.2? Will Dave or a new developer be working on it?
Just wondering.


Dave will be working on the next update. He hasn’t told me what the designation will be, but I suspect it will be 1.6.2. Right now he is spending time with his family, though.


the last time i went on the app, it was right after the 1.6.1 update. i wanted to look at the new features and stuff, and i was offline, but the new world never loaded, even after 5 minutes of waiting.
i have an ipad 2, ios 9

id do the survey, but my internet is acting up and wont load anything half the time.


Think it’ll patch the new TC exploit?


Since I’m not aware of any new TC exploit I suspect not, unless people report it to us in detail. So far none of the support emails have outlined this new issue.