The Blockheads is like... The best game in existance. Atleast in my opinion



The Blockheads. I find this game absolutely amazing! From riding donkeys, to jetpacks! Or simply farming. Who knows? I love this game so, so much! It’s one of the best! Some people say, “Oh, it’s a ripoff of Minecraft!” But I say it’s a Minecraft styled and maybe inspired game. Although, who cares? This game is very, very, VERY original. With 5 different characters to play with at the same time! Shops, Fishing, So much to do! It’s amazing! #theblockheads


You can ride cars in GTA. There’s also jetpacks.
You can ride horses in RDR.
Jk but it is good.


In my opionion, BH is the best mobile game hands down, not the best game in existence, but that’s just me

(Not saying BH is bad, I adore the game so much and tell so many people it’s by far the best mobile game, I just like some console games more)


Definately agreed.