The Blockheads Lore

What if The Blockheads had a story behind it? Let’s just write down what we already know.

You make a Blockhead and it emerges out of a portal into an unknown world. Your Blockhead has needs and wants. You try to advance your Blockhead and shape the world through the ages (Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Industrial Age). Once you get to the Modern Age (electric benches and such), it’s really up to you on what to do next, but there isn’t any lore…

I think adding randomly generated structures would add more to explore. In these randomly generated structures there could be signs with words written on them, giving The Blockheads a bit of a story.


Castles are randomly generated structures that would spawn in temperate areas of your world. They would look very old and dilapidated. Inside them would be chests filled with loot including signs with some sort of story written on them. Castles should also have paintings on the walls. Those paintings could be portraits of Blockheads wearing clothes/armor. Castles would be made of stone and sometimes limestone. There could also be hanging vines inside Castles too.


Shipwrecks are randomly generated structures that would spawn in oceans. They would look like they had been snapped in half. Inside them would be chests filled with loot (including a chance for a safe to be in one of the chests unlockable using a key (more on keys later). There could also be signs on the shipwreck walls with some sort of story written on them. Shipwrecks would be made of wood.


Laboratories are randomly generated structures that would spawn underground. They would look run down and abandoned. Similar to Shipwrecks and Castles, inside Laboratories would be chests filled with loot (including a chance for a portal or trade portal to be in one of the chests). There could also be signs scattered around Laboratories with stories written on them. Laboratories would be made of steel blocks and sometimes iron blocks. Unlike Castles or Shipwrecks, Laboratories would have a unique variety of rooms, including observation rooms, a cafeteria, offices, and a portal room that the scientists who used to work there experimented with, and this is where a major part of the story ties in.


You are an experiment in an observation room. As you’re being observed by a couple scientists, you break out in hopes of escape. As you run down a corridor, you find a room with a glowing portal in the middle. A scientist looks at you and notices that you are wearing the uniform experiments wear (a tank top and a pair of boxers). Before he can tackle you, you jump into the portal and hope for the best. Before the scientist could go through the portal himself to get you, the portal deactivates.


A key can be made at a level 2 metalwork bench with 1 steel block. Keys can be used to unlock locked safes in loot chests from shipwrecks. Place a locked safe down, select a key in your inventory and tap on the locked safe. Your Blockhead will walk over to it and unlock it. The locked safe will turn into a normal safe filled with rare loot.

Feedback is appreciated! This took me an hour or so to make!


Waiting for game theory…



I like this idea! But I don’t want blockheads to turn out like the game Block story. At first, it was one of that minecraft rip offs with its own goods and bads. It was actually a fun quest game and it’s very easy to be addicted. But then, after 3 years without an update, they suddenly decided to update the game with extremely different game mechanics, and they added randomly generated structures EVERYWHERE, there was no place to build as there was a lot of cities, villages, castles, pyramids absolutely Everywhere. If this get’s added, it would be cool, but if it get’s exaggerated then the blockheads won’t be fun anymore, or maybe there can be a story mode in blockheads with those things. :slight_smile:



I don’t want it to be exaggerated.

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This sounds A M A Z I N G !
I give FULL support and hope this becomes a thing!!

Sounds like a good idea. I agree though and we should make generated structures an option. Maybe some marble in the castles. It sounds like a great idea. Maybe a cutscene at the beginning of every world that shows what you described. Sounds like a great idea!

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Yknow this is a gr8 idea but just not for BH…

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I should work on a proof of concept build then.

This could work on ambience too, except you are the scientist observing how a civilization would evolve

I like it. Have started to crave randomly generated structures in TBH since seeing them in Deepworld. The fact that you’re actually trying to tell a story (as opposed to a base plot that can just barely be pieced together) adds to the greatness.

Though if I may ask, what is the story for the structures themselves? (may have missed that, apologies if you’ve already covered it)

That’s like every Skeeve server, u know, in his welcome messages there’s always this kind of story…

So we gonna connect blockheads and ambience somehow?

Please do so! I’d love to see it!

Also, the OP has been updated with the recipe for a key!

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That would work out beautifully I think. In blockheads you are one of the test subjects and in ambience you are the scientist. The scientist influences the subjects in ambience though… I’m sure if he includes this Dave would work it out

What if the lore behind it was that the Blockheads used to have a bustling civilization, until it was all disrupted by [redacted by Majic Jungle], and just before everyone died, the leader of the civilization pressed a reset button

Maybe that’s too confusing but I like it


I’d like to thank everybody for all the positive feedback so far!

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Anyone got some good ideas?

Blockheads is the new Undertale even though I know nothing about Undertale