The Blockheads Lore


I don’t know anything about Undertale either.


Undertale is garbage


My story called ‘How did I get here?’ Kind of has the tone of a story for the blockheads. Though the ending will differ to how Dave might do it if the game had a back story, it makes for an interesting concept to the blockheads game.

It’s still in progress though.


Cool! I wish you good luck!


I have a story too. Still haven’t completed it and it has been five years tho :sweat_smile:


Haha lol

I will check it out later. What’s it called?

Mine is pretty recent and had been updated a couple days ago. You’ll like it, it’s weird and funny and a bit mysterious.


Uh I haven’t made a post about mostly because it is TOTALLY off topic and my friend wouldn’t appreciate me posting it online.
We kinda make it together? It’s based off of our RPs we do and includes a lot of stuff the Forums wouldn’t approve of (Cursing mostly).
Soooo Yeah.
Plus we are now getting a little off topic so we should focus on the post a little more…


So anyway…
‘How did I get here?’
is bunch of chapters put into one thread, telling the story of someone, who has appeared in the blockheads game as, you guessed it, a blockhead character. With little to no memory (not even his real name), he tries to make sense of the world around him.

But don’t worry, he’s not alone. There is Control. It’s the name he has given to who ever is making him dig for dirt, cut down plants, mine in caves and makes him craft things.

Will he make his way out one blockhead day? or is he doomed to be stuck in the game?


Dun dun DUNNN
Sounds amazing already…
Where can I read it?


Most likely if you tap on my name and scroll down my posts you should be able to find
‘How did I get here?! Story’ thread

It’s mixed with comments as well. But nearly all chapters have a title and nearly all have screen captures unless you come across the ones called ‘What can and can’t be’


That sounds cool, I like it! Similar to a lot of other games though. I haven’t read the whole thing so I wouldn’t know. The ideas and conversation here are great


What is cool?

Btw, I have only ever come across on particular game where a person was stuck some where and turned into something else.

Pokémon mystery dongeon

Any other games have stories pertaining to the characters themselves and why they need to go on an adventure. Always some rare item, the need to save the world or someone else, a mission that needs to be carried out or doing things as part of training like a magic school, last is battle style games for spells, powers, equipment and levels


I’m currently thinking of a story for the castles and shipwrecks.