The Blockheads Postmortem!


Dave has finally written up a blockheads postmortem! We who have been waiting (and we who haven’t) can read it here.

Too bad I can’t put this in N&A.


That was a great postmortem! It really is great to see everything from Dave’s point of view.


I agree. Thanks for making it Dave, if you ever see this.


I is happy. That last pic was mine:) and its even on the appstore!
Also… Thanks so friggin much, Dave! This has been an awesome experience for me, and the forums and multiplayer have really changed how I interact with people(better, I promise:)!), and… Oh its just all so wonderful. I agree that HD may just be the way to go, as I and many others are hooked! This kind of game is the perfect one for me, blending together exploring, creating, and resource collection… And the best part is: It’s free! Finding the balance between crafting taking time versus it being istant was probcbly pretty hard… But I don’t mind.

I guess whct I’m trying to say is…
MajicDave FTW!


Couldn’t have said it better.
In fact, I said it worse :stuck_out_tongue:


Now, I know this is completely off topic from the thread, but how are you guys hyper linking your posts?


Edit: to make thins more clear… Don’t get what you mean by I’m hyperlinking my post.


In the post you click “here” and it sends you to a new location or in your signature you press “Ellen island thread” and go there.


[]The blockhead forums![\URL]
But with the other slash.


Cool Handcar stuff! like this? And I plan to feet this post after cause it doesn’t fit here.


You can highlight a peice of text then press the hyperlink button…

…or you can just type this:
[noparse]This is a link![/noparse]

[SIZE=1](Created using the noparse code)[/SIZE]


So that’s how you do it!



(sure, go ahead…)


(Making coal into diamonds at a press)


Wow thanks erik I was looking for this but what I should really say is thanks to dave for making an amazing game


It’s Eri***c***k. So many people forget the c… Or k…

Suggest it! If nobody else has yet.
Maybe it would need a special press or something (electric/heated press?) because I think they need heat as well as pressure.

That would take a lot of coffee…


Ah what a great read! It’s nice that he loves it and is proud of it.

I liked the bit about the forums :stuck_out_tongue: [strike]if you need another moderator you know… hint hint.[/strike]

The development screenshots are so cute hahaha


Maybe bean could move it to n&a. Really good postmortem though and I agree that it doesn’t feel incomplete anymore. After 1.3 if I was asked what I thought would be in the next update I said trains. Wasn’t beta testing, just was really sure that they would be included. After 1.4 if I was asked I would say nothing. Honestly all I can think of is a few improvements to electrics.


That was a great read. Took me a while but was great! Thank you Dave for making this amazing game! :slight_smile:


Yeah, Okay.