The Blockheads Postmortem!


THanks BHB.

And there’s one thing people still haven’t seemed to notice that much…


What thing?
And that was an amazing perspective…I honestly didn’t think that the crafting times were too short or long, I love the game the way it is!


Were the crafting timers in there in the first public release? I swear they look familiar…

(The clocks that let you know it’ll be 10 seconds to make something.)


I don’t think they were. The clock itself is used for double-time and the background in the menus (single player/multiplayer)


I agree with you about the crafting times. But of course, some people like different things…


The weather systems and NPC’s?


I guess I wasn’t clear.
The other seemingly-unoticed/unmentioned thing was Piequals3.14’s rank and my rank.


How did you get the custom ranks?


I waited until I had nearly 1.5k posts, then I PMd Bean.


Lol.And in doing so you made everyone think it was a new rank…


Well… You’ll think watcha think.


And also probably got beans inbox filled now that everyone knows since 10 posts in off topic definitely deserves a custom rank 100% The custom ranks are cool but I don’t really look at usernames that often so I didn’t notice until now


Those who spend most of their time in off topic should be given the rank “Rabbit” (like rabbit trails…?)


no… I already saw that before you mentioned it… IDK why, but I always look at the ranks before the username. Lol.

When I saw the custom ranks, I was like “I want” :stuck_out_tongue:
But then again, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have one. It’s not like we’re gonna use it for something useful anyway.


(posts deleted). Sorry guys, off-topic as.


Question: What got Dave to think about adding HD textures?


The similarity with minecraft textures… if I am assuming correctly.


It said in the article that he originally was going to use HD textures from launch but it would have delayed the game so it could have something to do with that


Wait… I did read that from the article.

I can’t believe how forgetful I am. But, thanks!


“I also offer a once off $2.99 ‘Double-time’ purchase that permanently halves the time it takes to craft everything, and I’ve got a couple of very popular free offers for crystals also. Interestingly players were actually asking me to add a service where they could watch videos and get free crystals. So I added incentivized video ads using Vungle, and have found it contributes a nice amount of extra revenue (10-20%), and the players who use it love it.” ~MajicDave

Hey! He mentioned me! That was my first post, actually, to watch adverts for time crystals. Here is the link, if you want proof it was my suggestion: