The Blockheads Postmortem!


Why is that not on android?


Bugs. If you’re talking about vids for TCs, I think it’s just bugs.


The option isnt there…


I think Vungle video ads don’t work on android…


Oh. I guess they’ll need to find something else. Hmm… I really don’t know of any ad things.
Other than google ads.


Maybe Dave could use google ads for android.Funny how he’s online ‘viewing index The Blockheads Forums’ and has been on and off doing that for the past day.


How is that funny?


Vungle supports android.


Noodlecake doesn’t though.


Maybe in a future update there’ll be Vungle? :rolleyes:

on android


Hopefully, I can’t buy any since I’m out of play store credit


What’s a postmortem (just so you know, I didn’t feel like looking at all the pages)?


There are only 5 pages…


Can someone please summarise the article for me?
My connection is painfully slow and its killing me trying load the page; it keeps timing out on me.
So frustrating -_-


Nevermind, I got it up :slight_smile:


Better to edit the first post, not double post.


that’s what I want to know


So if I have some lighting that looks like that corruption picture in Dave’s Blog, does that mean my world will eventually “die”?


Not really. Corruption just means that area was saved improperly. If it happened once though, it could happen again…


postmortem: Latin, means literally 'after death’
In this context, a postmortem is an article that describes in detail a game after it has ‘ended’.
However, this does NOT mean that The Blockheads has ended or died! This is just the beginning of a brilliant game; there is a lot more to come!