The Blockheads Postmortem!


Postmortems are used to review what went right and wrong with a project and apply lessons learned to new development.


What was the time taken away from crafting interface is what I want to know. That would be very good to have kept


He didnt yet make the crafting time less for everything…


Something hilarious to note…

No idea what a postmortem is. :o


That isnt hilarious.
That is a pretty useless post.
You didnt even read page for, let alone the whole thread.
The definition of a postmortem is on page 4… -_-


There was a definition on the top of this page.


uncommon gifts

Hey! Great article,That was a great postmortem! It really is great to see everything from Dave’s point of view.thanks for sharing to keep us.Thanks…


I already asked that… and i found out, too.


:’) I love it


We have what we need on this thread and its mostly used for spam so it should be closed


Don’t do this please.

  1. It was actually doing fine until you posted.
  2. Someone else might have something useful to say, one day.


Wow.I loved the Postmortem.I just finished reading it.It’s very cool. :slight_smile:


When is the next update coming out? Cant wait


The blockheads is under ‘best games of 2013’ in google play!


Not in the UK store but it must be in USA! That’s amazing!


What about in Canada?


Yay blockheads rule and so does majic dave


Idk if it is in canada because
1.I don’t live in canada
2.I never have the time to search for the Canada one,why do you want to know anyways? :stuck_out_tongue:


It probably is, seeng canada is very close to USA and people have iPads there :slight_smile:


It’s in the Play Store, that’s the Android’s store. They do have android devices there of course lol