The Blockheads Postmortem!


Oh… Thanks!


It’s been really long since I last view the ‘News and Announcement’ forum, but I hope I’m not too late.

:slight_smile: Thank you very much for using my photo in your postmortem. I’m glad you like the creation. (I hope~:P)
Blockheads was definitely one of the best games I played on mobile. I truly look forward to more additions into the game. It has been a really awesome game of creativity and free-build.

Let’s see how far can we go building interesting megastructures, replicas of wonders and creative designs from our own imagination. :smiley:

Cheers to Blockheads and above all to Dave. :slight_smile:


Not in France probably


What’s not in France?


What’s not in France? You? You say you live near Paris in France.


Time to upgrade my Minecraft to online multiplayer status thanks to :smiley:


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Dave, cool posteri-whatever you call it.


this cracked me up Need: 1 stick, 3 flint and 10 seconds XD


It was great.


Well, that was early on. Imagine having so many items in a “simple workbench” instead of where they are now, nice and organized. >shudder<


We’ve come so far for an iOS and now android game


We’ve come so far. tear i remember playing it when you had to warp shtuff out of a portal. Ahh… those were the days. Not saying that where it is now sucks or anything.


There were even different buttons to move and to “interact” with stuff…


Hi guys - don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m really itching for the next update.
Truth be told, though - I would be happy with just a version 1.4.1, multi-player bug fix.
At least the easy fixes - such as object ownership for Gold beds, Chandeliers, and any other items that should have ownership but currently may be circumvented. The more complex bugs can be dealt with later.


Dave is busy with copper wires in front of blocks.


He’s probably done with that now…

Anyway, @Skeeve, There will not be a 1.4.1 because Dave is and has been working on 1.5 already. Chandeliers aren’t supposed to have ownership, either, and the bugs will be fixed in 1.5.


Yay! Can’t wait for 1.5!


Me too! I am wondering what new stuff will be in the update…