The blockheads talk, because why not :)


This is the place where you may talk about what you have built or have done in blockheads.

I believe this belongs in general discussion. But hopefully I don’t crash General discussion because of this thread.

Alright let’s begin, you can talk about anything in your mind as long as it’s in line with the community rules.


This kinda ruins the point of nearly every category on this forum?


So, it’s more like a generic Blockheads chat thread. I don’t know if that ruins the point of other categories.

I’ve been working on cleaning up abandoned bases on Skylands Arena and reducing the overall portal count to try to reduce lag. So many players haven’t been seen since 2017. i’m removing protection from those and they are fair game to anyone.


I am making the winter wonderland area on my server, also adding new free build areas as we are running out of space :slight_smile:

Should be starting the casino project soon and having one of our Build Comps.


When I do get some spare 10 minutes here or there, I visit servers to work on tulip breeding or cave exploring.


I’m going to play this new game called “The Blockheads” today. Do you think it’ll be fun?


Yes, I think you’ll love it! There are these new things called HANDCARS that are so much fun to ride and jump. I just wish they could do flips.


What if they could fly, too? :thinking:




Is there a thread for posting your new pfp?
I love this thread I can ask dumb questions like this without creating another thread
seriously who would want a thread titled “Is there a new pfp thread?”


uh, what’s a pfp?

I love that there’s a thread where I can ask “what’s a pfp”.


Profile picture
I love there’s a thread where I can answer questions that Jemni decided to ask


I never knew.
I love that there’s a thread I can see crazy questions.


This is where i spend a quarter of my day


That’s kewl
I love there’s a thread where I can post comments with bad grammar


I wonder why is everyone doing this lol


This is a great thread amiright?
cus we can #Thuglife


getting John Mayer feels from “amirite”


What if there were switches and lightbulbs in Blockheads? That would be cool. And lava-corns too.
What’s that? I am not familiar with that so let me look it up.