The Blockheads: the forgotten game

I personally think that you guys should go into the comments of this video and inform the video creator that the game isn’t totally forgotten. :slight_smile:

Of course, you should probably watch the actual video first before commenting on it.


I watched the video Sunday night just because I searched up The Blockheads looking for something to watch and I did and while I was watching it. I realized that The Blockheads was a big part of my childhood and many others. Dave did so much for our childhood without us realizing it. When year after year you can play the blockheads and still have fun that’s a special thing that not many games have. I owe a big thanks to The Blockheads,Dave and Mila and always will.


I realized that a lot of times I was feeling down, The Blockheads got me back up. Thanks for everything Dave. I owe it to you.


Like most people, (including the person in this video) I played blockheads because i was a kid who couldn’t afford minecraft. I really badly wanted to get minecraft when i was younger, but I wasnt allowed to pay for stuff online. So back in 2014 my dad got me this as a compromise. And i’ve played it ever since. I don’t agree with the part about no players being online, you can go onto an anime server and there will be, say, 12 people online.


yes. anime servers always have like 16 peope online lol


Of the 80 worlds in active use at this moment very few are anime worlds. I can’t see the names of the 500+ active in the last 24 hours, but I’m guessing the current lot is representative. This myth that all the worlds are anime has been going on for years, with no basis.

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Anime worlds are usually pretty busy, but major worlds like ss6 iarnia and September idles usually get quite a few people on them.

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Bruh you sound so much like me but just with a deeper voice


That person in the video isn’t me.

Me: trying hard to imagine wumbojumbo with bored female teenager voice

I mean I’ve seen people in variety of servers.So clearly it’s not entirely forgotten.So therefore, it’s not entirely dead.Just lost a few players that’s all.

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Oof then who was it?

I don’t know.