"The Blockheads White Screen" is one of the top Searches that comes up in Google when you type "The Blockheads"

The notorious “white screen” Android bug is gaining traction on Google.


Its starting to become a bit of a major bug, isn’t it?

Yeah, really major.

The thing is (as I understand it), this is largely an Android bug. This thread, as well as the other one, would garner the correct attention in the ‘Bugs and glitches- Android’ thread. IMO.

It is an Android bug. I’ve posted a notice about Noodlecake’s current set of challenges here:


Android bug that caused many people to rate the game below 3 stars, this MOSTLY happens on high-end smartphones that don’t run Android One (the vanilla version of Android, available on all Nokia smartphones post-2017). I have a low-end phone (Nokia 3.2, my mum’s smartphone) and it can run the Blockheads just fine.

It seems to happen more prominently on Android 10.

It also happens here, but a bit less frequently. Device is a Motorola Moto G7 with stock Android