The Blocklympics 2015 2

[color=red]Due to the fact that there has been a lot of changes in the recent months the Blocklympics has been delayed. If you want to keep hosting it in the previous world please say so.[/color]


[color=blue]If not we will conduct a new vote.

Teams are to be made for each server.

We will need builders! So if you want to be one post it down below! [/color]

  • Hiyaa Blocklympics Manager

[color=orange]The Blocklympics[/color]

[color=blue]Welcome to The Game![/color]

Hiyaa Guys! Welcome to the games! During my lifetime of playing The Blockheads I have experience many things. I have seen many things and made some too! One thing I want to do is to unite the servers of the game. And so the result came the Blocklympics, the dual version of the real Olympics. Read more to learn more! :slight_smile:


The server chosen for hosting the Games has been chosen!

Events has been chosen!
Super Donkey Parkour!
Jetpack Joyrace!
Daredevil Drop!
Tulip Genexperts!
Happy Feet!
Boats ‘n’ Diver!
BLocklympics Build Contest!
Handcart Tricks!
Money Making!

[color=green]Team Application[/color]
To apply a team to play in the games you must do the following! Remember to follow the teams rules! And include every bit of information required!

Teams Name:
Teams Color:
Team members:
Events Participating In:

Teams Rules!
•Each team must have at least three players and the max amount is five!
•Your team attendance at assigned time is mandatory unless there’s a problem please contact the support team!

[color=purple]Events and Rules![/color]

Super Donkey Parkour!
Jetpack Joyrace!
Daredevil Drop!
Tulip Genexperts!
Happy Feet!
Boats ‘n’ Diver!
BLocklympics Build Contest!
Handcart Tricks!
Money Making!


•No cheating!
•Only the chosen player can be in the field!
•Team must wear the team color to tell each other apart during the game!
•Do not distract the players!
•Participate only in your chosen events!
•Equipments will be provided!
•Be on time!
•Be positive!

General Notes

If you don’t have an team that’s representing a server you can join one!

Shy? Scared of the events? Don’t worry, your life wouldn’t be ruin if you make a mistake! Our staff are very nice!

Need to join a team? Ask one of the team leaders!

more to come!

I volunteer for tribute! Er… Builder. Would it be on one of those servers? Also, what time?

Can i be a builder?

Can I be builder

I can definitely help in the building process.

I’m waiting for Cheese and Pine to reply for confirmation.


I’ll help in the building process, as long as I am supplied. I can get the cheaper blocks myself, it’s the metal blocks I can’t buy…Anyway, should I get on at a certain time or what? And how will I know what to do?

I shall volunteer as builder, due to having a lot of time in my hands now.

Okay! I’ll pm cheese and pine if they still want to host the games.

I’ll be happy to build, if you like! :slight_smile:

If they don’t want to, then I am open to hosting on Big Skylands which I am about to rename Skylands Games and start the Handcar World Cup.

How do you join an olympic team?

You make your own team, or you ask a server owner to be part of their team.

I volunteer if I am supplied with blocks.

Yaaaah! It started again ( I do like the block Olympics but it seems a bit too quick for me to start now… Unless you divide the block Olympics to a summer and winter edition )

0.0 I wanna build!!! (Mostly for the behind-the-scenes stuff lol but I am I fairly good builder)

Anyone who wants to build you may! Right now I’m rearranging things. Cheese hasn’t been here for a while so I can’t contact him. I’m not sure about Pine. If Magic wands wants to host the events because they were nominated you may! Just PM me!

Sure, I’ll keep hosting. I’ll be very busy, though.

Sounds awesome! I pmed you :slight_smile:
{Also: It’s ‘Majic’ wands. :p}

Ignore this post.