The Bloodmoon



I think that to make the game harder that there should be rare things that happen which makes it harder to survive. To counter some of this, there will also be a few new items too.

The Bloodmoon:
The Bloodmoon is a thing that can happen at night. Every night there could be a 1/10 chance for one (1/5 on expert) (this might be too high so please tell me if you think it should be rarer) :smiley:

During a bloodmoon, most mobs become either scared or hostile. The bloodmoon will introduce a few new mobs ! The sky will also turn a very dark red. Rain will turn red and snow will remain white.

Blood Dodo:
HP: Same as a Dodo’s HP
Attack Power: Quite Low
Speed: Quite Fast. Can barely outrun a player.
Drops: 1-2 blood feathers. 1-2 dodo meat.
Aesthetic: A dodo which has glowing red eyes and red feathers.

The Blood Dodo is supposed to be annoying. They are very common in a bloodmoon and return to normal dodos in daylight. You CAN tame them but it is very hard because they are hostile. They lay red eggs which cannot be used in recipes or eaten but they can hatch into more blood dodos. Regular dodos turn into blood dodos when a bloodmoon happens.
Blood dodos are tamed with apples (same as a dodo) they only need 2 to be tamed. :dodo:

Tamed blood dodos are permanently blood dodos and tamed dodos will not turn into blood dodos when a bloodmoon happens. (Only regular dodos transform. Dirt dodos, stone, amethyst, etc will not transform)

Blood Troll:
HP: Higher than a cave troll’s
Attack: Slightly lower than a cave troll’s
Speed: Slower than the player
Drops: Wooden Club, Blood Tunic, Gold Coin (20-40) It has a 1/50 chance of dropping the club or tunic.
Aesthetics: Looks like a red cave troll with a ripped tunic and a giant club which it holds behind it. When he attacks he holds it up in the air for a bit and slams it down.

Unlike a blood dodo, blood trolls disappear in sunlight without dropping any items. The blood troll is quite uncommon but you will see about 5 per bloodmoon. Blood trolls cannot be tamed. :

Blood Ox:
HP: Same as an ox
Attack: High
Speed: Same as a player’s
Drops: Red horn
Aesthetics: An angry ox with glowing red eyes. Red fur.

Similarly to a blood dodo, the blood ox transforms back into an ox when there is sunlight. Tamed ox’s do not turn into blood ox’s. Regular ones do. Blood ox’s cannot be tamed.

Red Feathers: Can be used instead of regular dodo feathers. Can also be used to craft a spear.

Damage: Same as an iron sword.
Durability: Same as a titanium sword.
Toolbench Level 4
12 red feathers, 3 red horns, 4 sticks.

Red horn: dropped by a blood ox. can be used to craft a spear.

Wooden Club: When used, the player swings it similarly to the blood troll.
Attack: as high as a titanium sword
Attack Speed: slow (0.6 secs)
Durability: Same as a bronze sword

Blood Tunic:
When worn, blood mobs do not attack you unless you attack them.
No defense is given.
Durability is quite low.

Other things:
Dropbears become very hostile in a bloodmoon.
Scorpions become very hostile in a bloodmoon.
Players will feel sadder in a bloodmoon. :frowning:

Thanks for reading ! I hope people like my idea ! :slight_smile:

Do any suggestions go through?+ the Suggestion shoutout thread

Good idea


That’s also in the real world.
Humans are animals.
Humans act differently when there’s blood moons.

They’re not just in games…
But still, it would be good.


In expert mode, maybe the blood trolls or animals would have higher attack and hp and speed stats, and also have a lesser chance of dropping stuffs. Would like the challenge of the blood moon!


the reason i said increased drops is because then you are rewarded for playing expert. If you decrease drop chances then thats a punishment


What if the blockheads started acting like if they had a tin foil hat, but stronger?
(May be to the rumors that were made in the past about bloodmoons)


ya really nice idea


@OBITOWANKENOBI there was a Bloodmoon in 2018…


Please don’t remind me of it.
(I MISSED IT ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-; )


maybe the mobs could have higher stats but speed would stay the same. I think it would be op to have dodos acting like sonic the hedgehog