The Burger


I was going to make this game earlier but my battery was about to die.

This is how the game works:
Person 1: I add a wallet to the next layer of the burger
Person 2: I add some bacon to the next layer of the burger
Person 3: I add a piece of gum to the next layer of the burger
You can add anything as long as it’s appropriate.
There is no end to the game.

Let’s start!

I start the burger with a hamburger bun of course


I add some bacon made from @TheDerpMaster’s skin :smiling_imp:

(no offenses at all)


I add some wood shavings to the next layer of the burger


i add the secret Krabby Patty recipe to the burger


I add a pair of strange looking ninja pants to the next layer of the burger


I take a really strange combination of all the condiments I can find in a cafeteria and spread it delicately on the burger


I add KFD (fried dodo) to it


I add a delicious slathering of expired coleslaw to the next layer. This is going to be one yummy burger.


I add some spoilt milk to the burger, this will be great!


I add a rotten apple to the burger. This is gonna be one delicious burger!


I add some sour skittles to the next layer. Something on this burger has to taste good.


I add some M&Ms to the next layer of our burger. So I guess they mixed with those skittles…


I add some mint toothpaste to the Burger, along with a good fluid ounce of orange juice >:)


I added some nice corn poop


i"ll add cheese to the next layer of our burger


I’ll add the actual hamburger (with BBQ!) As of before this post, it was just a condiment sandwich :joy:


I’ll take @TheDerpMaster 's donut and put it on the burger…

Then I will cover it with mayonnaise!



I mush all the ingridents in my kitchen and make it into a gooey paste which i squeeze onto the burger.


Looks like it’s that time folks. I pour a little toxic waste on the burger for the next layer- just enough to keep things interesting.


I add @WumboJumbo to the next layer of the burger
(no offence)