The Case of the Disappearing Baskets

Is there a fix to disappearing baskets?

I lost one while building and I simply thought, I’m in the sky, maybe I accidentally dropped it and it fell onto the ground somewhere. No worries…probably lost like a few lanterns.

I’m now mining and I just lost another basket. I didn’t notice when I actually lost the basket but I know I used it approximately 4 seconds ago because…

My diamond pickaxe and half a dozen steel pickaxes were in there and the basket…


Any detectives on to solve this elusive case?

Was the basket replaced by an unknown?

The basket was replaced with nothing, just an empty spot as if there was never a basket :confused:

Something like that happened to me before, but all of my materials were replaced my 1 machete, a few apples, and dirt and stone.


Yeah one time one of my baskets disappeared, and it contained all of my valuables on the server, including my portal chest.


I have like hundreds of platinum coins so I can easily replace my lost stuff but that’s twice in 24h…worrisome and it’s a pain to replace a diamond pickaxe…

Now I’m thinking…this all started after I trapped a Dodo in a marble block…(lol)


If it’s not turning into an “unknown” item then my guess is that you are dropping it somehow and not noticing. They despawn pretty quickly too. But what device do you play on? Android has a lot more unsolved glitches than iOS. But I still manage to drop a basket now and then as my finger slightly glides over a basket while I’m busily selecting things in my inventory.

I also see a glitch now and then which might be your issue too. Sometimes my phone just goes nuts and without me touching anything, I will see selection points appear, the little white squares. Stopping the game and clearing it from memory before restarting usually resolves this.


I’ve recently used a pickaxe in the basket (I was digging a tunnel) lol, I’m pretty sure I didn’t randomly drop it…

I’m on iOS!

I can’t really explain the motion I’ve experienced that causes me to drop a basket, but it’s almost unnoticeable at the time. Fortunately I’ve needed something from the basket fairly quickly and discovered that I had dropped it a minute or two earlier. It made me try to get a little more deliberate with my finger tapping and swiping.

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I probably found out within like 10 seconds! I just never noticed the basket disappearing but more so the inconvenience of not being able to dig lol

It would be something I’ve never seen before to have a basket just suddenly disappear without a trace or an accidental drop. And I’ve been playing for 7 years. I’m not saying it can’t happen. But it would be very strange.

Either that or I’ve been near instantly digging stone without a pickaxe for maybe 30 blocks lol

I’ve been playing on and off for maybe 3 years, never found a need for a detective until something robbed me of my dear pickaxes… sniff

What type of iPhone do you have? Because with the 10 and up closing the app can cause you drop a basket sometimes depending on where you swipe up to close the game

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Hmmm, I use X (10) but I didn’t notice anything like that…oh :whale:!

I guess I’ll just be extra careful now!