The chain of common man

Due to being able to access my world, I want to share it with you guys. Please request anything about it, and I will share a picture of it.
A couple noticeable things about this world-
-massive greenhouse
-massive cave system
-4 YEARS worth of work on this build alone.

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Can u show me the greenhouse plz?

image image image
This next one is on my elevator to space
Next one is my cacti farm, with the surrounding glass because it is also my scorpion farm
The next ones are just part of my animal farms, not really “greenhouses” but still pretty cool.
(By the way I just harvested the seaweed, that’s normally all seaweed)
image image


This looks so great send pictures of the two other things also

Hello. I really hope you have a working world backup. If you test a restore, do it in a different device for safety reasons. Four years is an gigantic emotional investment, if it gets corrupted or damaged… in the past I was able to successfully backup restore entire game state (single player worlds, and apparently everything else) in Android, not sure if the procedure still works.

Wow! I love the fish farm!

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This is the cave system. A couple things:
I didn’t really know that this was all interconnected. This took me hours to explore and by the end it just happened to be connected,
This is vanilla, so it has no special cave rules.
The areas I first explored and thought were dead ends are in the yellow areas, as I only had torches to explore, and it wasn’t till later I got the lanterns, and then discovered the rest of the cave.
I found 1 cave troll, 0 dimonds, 1 ruby, 4 emeralds, 6 sapphires, and 15 amethysts. I also found 5 platinum ore blocks, and 3 titanium ore blocks.
I am currently working on building an area right near the lava.
image image image image

Also, the straight down shaft under the portal was my first attempt at digging to the center of the earth. That did not go well :wink:

I haven’t shown my home online, but this is part of 5 years work. image

Good screenshot coming soon


Just in case you didn’t know, you can take a screenshot by pressing the sleep/wake button and the home button at the same time.

They probably are using one device for the forums and another for the blockheads

Oh, I didn’t think of that.

Yes, I’m in place with no wifi, and the iPad will not connect to forums. In a couple days I’m gonna get some wifi, so I’ll update this soon.

Posted the high quality screenshot Here

Merged two threads about the same thing.

This is a better quality of this post


Way better! I love the way caves look when zoomed out.

Hello People!
Caves zoomed out, always made me remember of the inside of an anthill. I tended to try dig shortcurts and level it a bit so bh did could walk faster. (What does a snail say when he finds himself on a turtle’s back? - Wheeee!!!).
Have a nice day.

Looks great!

Also I think you guys might like my train routes