The Checkerboard Challenge (railcar)

Welcome to the Checkerboard Challenge. A weeklong effort by me on starlight skys 2

A track that takes the best parts of a server and pits racers through them

  1. The beach

The beach, the part of the server that could mean riches for a player. Or a racer’s lead here

  1. Space

Okay a bit less blockheads, but space is always exciting to reach, and this moon is no different

  1. Mines

Rocky terrain and riches await the caves of a server, as this track shows

  1. Gem trees

Up in the sky, it’s a gem tree! My personal favorite build on the track

  1. Railcar stations

    I thought the railcar glitch was funny, so I decided to house it in this building

  1. Pixel Art

The final part of the track is a pixel smiley face I made. Pixel art has a wow feeling to visitors, making it one of the best parts of a server

And that’s the track! I hope you consider trying it out for yourselves. I tried to make it as hard as possible :3

Starlight Skys, 43 tc right of spawn, at Railcar Track Station



This product has been given the Prototype Quality Stamp of Approval. Congratulations!

Excellent job

Look out, here I come.


Edit: almost on my way. Which Starlight Skys? There are many.

“Handcar expert Jemnidad challenges you to a race!”

Starlight skys 2 by “starry” or something like this.


Nice course Frater. Quite tricky in a few spots. I may have to return to it later and see if I can ride the whole thing without breaking.