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Ok guys Im really sorry for posting another wiki thread but this one will hopefully be the last as since the game is relatively new and no wiki has been sorte out, people have gone about making their own Blockhead wiki. I’ve decided we need to decide once and for all which wiki should be community one that should be used and worked on, so I will list and make a poll for all 4 wiki’s that I know of.

    Ok I personally prefer 2. over the other wikis due to it being based off wikipedia’s software, which makes it easy to navigate, view, and edit, especially for new players. I hope this wiki becomes the official one.
    You can vote for whatever wiki you like the most, however, but keep in mind this may end up being the wiki this game stays with forever, so choose and vote carefully.
    Also another thing. Another thing. The decision of the truely official wiki is really up to Dave, the developer of this game. This poll is basically just to try as get everyone to use one wiki so more work gets done instead of everything beig rewritten, plus everything would be in one spot. Later we may change wiki based on Dave’s decision.


Thanks mingo! 1 seems well organized, while 2 seems in a good direction. I can’t find anything well in 3 :confused: and I’m too lazy to make an account in 4 lol…but thanks

Edit: I vote 2


Everyone post here and not in the other thread. I forgot the poll in the other thread. Someone lock and delete it.


Aelawyth vote in the poll, not your post.


I did, I was just saying who I vote for, like you did xD


I personally prefer #1’s style and organization (especially with the new formatting), but #2 has better information but I don’t like the standard wikipedia style as much.


Ah ok Aelawyth.


FWIW I intend on customizing the look of #2 while keeping the familiar operation of Wikipedia. I’m focusing on content first.

Thanks to mingo888 for taking the initiative to set up the poll and for the vote :wink:


Also Bean how do you rename threads?


Apparently you need 50 Time Crystals and a Pointy Hat of Moderation. I’ll do it for you.


Are you also able to change the name of one of my threads as well?


From the other thread:

Yes… and as you have yourself observed there are already four that you found.

Personally, I’d suggest it might be a better idea to wait and see which wiki proves to be the more popular over time. You never know, majicDave might decide to install mediawiki or other wiki software on the server.

I suggested it was a week or so - Jan 10/Jan 11 per majicDave’s twitter account. That’s only 12 days as of today (Jan 22).


You’re being very specific there aren’t you finnatic :stuck_out_tongue:

But if there is already a useful and popular wiki, Dave might not have to make his own.


#1 is my first choice. LOVE it! And #2 is my second.

#4…what the…?


How about we have two teams for one and two. If we go in that direction I’ll be on #1’s team, as i have been a wikia admin on the moon/lunacraft wikia in the past. (I’ve lost interest in that good but small minecraft port)


The poll is closing in over 2 weeks. Has everyone voted on the wiki they like best?


I went ahead and threw my vote into the mix. I voted for #2. Why, you may ask? Well, for starters…I’m one of the main contributors to that Wiki and have been working as time allows to populate the pages. I strongly feel that it could be the best resource for BH players to go to to find any information about that game. Maybe it will become the “Official” wiki. Who knows! Anyways, I put together a brand new Main Page layout that will hopefully be easier for players to navigate and find what they are looking for easily and quickly. I have also put together some templates so that if others want to contribute, it may make things go faster. The first priority is to get the information on there and then we can go from there. It is a work in progress but is coming along great. The main thing is, the more people contributing, the better the wiki. We could always use more.


Nice job cdrras. The wiki may need updating because of version 1.1


No problem! I got the update yesterday. I was anticipating the update so I actually started to add some of the confirmed stuff yesterday before the update got pushed and have slowly been adding to the content as well as populating the additional missing pages. There are some things that haven’t been added yet, but since the Wiki is a work in progress, it will be added very soon. The Game Update section and version info was updated first thing this morning.


Well good job. Glad we have people like you dedicating your time to a wiki for a game we all love and cherish.