The Community's Way!

The Community Way - Survival Challenge

This is where we vote in a poll built by me every week and do that subject each week.


  • The world you create must be new and Vanilla.
  • You are to follow what the community says in the poll.
  • Don’t cheat and see Time Limit and Timing below.
  • Trade Portals are allowed. No portal chests.

Time Limit & Timing
You will have 2 hours to do the most voted thing each week.
Please do not start on things until I say too.
Each week, a poll will be provided for next week and the most voted thing allowing you to begin from the votes of the previous week.
As again, only 2 hours each week, based on United States days.

Challenge Posts
Week 1 Post
Week 2 Post
Week 3 Post
Week 4 Post
Week 5 Post
Week 6 Post

You may most your progress here!

Please vote “Yes” if you are playing.

  • Yes, I’m playing!
  • No, I will not participate.
  • I will only vote for the community.

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For those who join while it already started, you will have 4 hours before the next week begins to set up.


Cool idea, I’ll participate in these.

Kinda wish there’s a “I might play” option.


This is not letting me edit the poll.

Just decide later if you will be participating.

Just two more days to begin… We will start things off by letting you do anything for 2 hours on the first week! But you can not upgrade the workbench to level 2…hehe.


Doing anything for 2 hours on the first week! You can’t upgrade your workbench to level 2 though.

Current Players: @WumboJumbo, @EpicGamer101, @INeedPieUndercover, @Octo, @Brer-Rabbit, @AlliG8tor, @GoodGradesBoy, @Testif

Notes & Reminders
For those who will join this week, you will only have 2 hours too! Not four…

Players surviving can vote too.

Next Week’s Poll!
What shall the whole community do?!

  • Gathering Materials on Surface
  • Mining
  • Build Shelter

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I was at school.

I have a great spawn. Beach/Ocean to the right and flat land with trees to the left. May also wanna craft a sign so I remember how many minutes I have left…

Oh and of course… I spawn in a cold climate. Must be the North Pole in the ocean nearby…

Trade Portals are allowed. But no portal chests.

Hey, A golden chest/tresure chest!

Let’s see what’s inside it!


Well, 15 minutes left of my time.


But hey! That chest is worth 1 gold ingot. I think it’s worth the time, once you begin making those gold spades.


= 10 Gold Coins

My theory is that the pirates wanted to troll the people who found their treasure or they were just cheapskates.



Gathering Materials on the surface! This includes fruits, clay/flint, and you can explore!

Notes and Reminders

  • If you have any questions, please reply to this post.
  • You can now upgrade your workbench to level 2! Only use the tailor bench though…

Current Players: @WumboJumbo, @EpicGamer101, @INeedPieUndercover, @Octo, @Brer-Rabbit, @AlliG8tor, @GoodGradesBoy, @Testif

Poll for Next Week

  • Crafting and Mining
  • Farming
  • Building Shelter

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Shelter is zetta dull!
Live in the caves, and mine/farm

What is with you in this “zetta” thing? ._.

Have you comprehended my brilliant art?

((Farming is important too. Poor titan, no other hectopascals will support him))

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I’ve circlenavigated the world!1one!

Sunset Pole…

South Pole…

Sunrise Pole…

North Pole…


YAY! This is a 1/4 world.

((the world ends with you?)) your references, i mean.

When’s the next poll, GGB?