The Complete Guide to Floating Islands


There are many facts, known and unknown, about one of the latest additions to the blockheads - sky islands! In this, The Complete Guide to Sky Islands, you can learn all there is to know!

First, some general information. There are 3 major types of (fairly common) sky islands (AKA skylands, which I will refer to them as further on). The first, and most common, is the limestone skyland. The next are marble skylands, often packed with a rich surprise. Least common are sandstone skylands, which generally have cacti and scorpions roaming them! Each of these skyland types have two subtypes, however - barren and fruitful (there is also ‘abundant’, which happens when two limestone/desert skylands spawn very close to each other). Barren means the skyland has no trees, and fruitful means there is at least one tree (or cactus) on the skyland.

Also, all skylands are similar to caves in many ways. In fact, they have small caves inside of them, sometimes covering nearly the whole underground (limestone, marble, or sandstone) portion of it. Skylands also occasionally have golden chests in them.


Before going on a journey to the sky, there are many things you will need.

The first, and most important, is a jetpack. Or, if you desparately want to explore the sky, hundreds of blocks. Jetpacks take a very long time to craft, currently more time than any other item, and include using the following benches: Craft Bench (Level 4); Electric Furnace; Refinery; Electric Metalwork Bench.
Another thing you will need is plenty of fuel for your jetpapck. They run out of fuel rather quickly, especially when you are flying through the sky!
Armor is a good idea to bring (and not only bring, but wear) whilst flying about, just in case you fly into a desert skyland!

The next thing you will need is inventory space. You should be able to have plenty by the time you have a jetpack.

You will also need a tin spade. Skylands often have tulips, and are the best place to find them - the most rare tulips are more likely to be found up above than on the ground, it seems.
You may also want food, and/or a high level trade portal. If you are in a server and are an admin, it is recommended that you also bring plenty of golden signs!

When you have all of these things, you are ready to go explore the skies!


The most common type of sky island, the limestone skyland is a great place to be! Limestone islands come in many shapes and sizes, and the fruitful limestone skylands have trees at a random stage of development. In addition, there are often tulips growing on these islands!


Occasionally you will find two FLSs (fruitful limestone skylands) with very few blocks between them. This is what makes two abundant limestone skylands (ALSs).


Rarely, you will also come across LSs with sand on them. Note that these are not sandstone skylands, or desert ones. These are actually limestone skylands with “beaches” on them, and usually will be found with a coconut tree on them.


There are also BLSs (barren limestone skylands), although these are much less important. They do have the benefit of allowing you to grow any type of tree!



Marble skylands are more common than desert ones, but less common than their limestone relatives. These skylands are the best place to build your hidden sky base. Not only do they look amazing, but if you’re lucky enough, they won’t be barren…

FMSs, or fruitful marble skylands, grow the most amazing trees in the game. Technically, they are not even “fruitful” as their massive, colorful trees don’t grow fruit. They grow gems! Of course, the gems grow only every few ingame years, but if you live on one of those skylands you can make quite a lot of money at your trade portal!


There are also barren marble skylands, which, despite not having the trees that almost literally grow money, are incredibly cool looking and can make for beautiful places for your getaway - or main - base!


MSs always generate with dirt on top, and often also generate with many gems in their caves!


Sandstone skylands, or desert skylands, (desert is preferred when using abbreviations, such as DS/ADS/FDS/BDS). Desert skylands are dangerous places to be, especially at night! FDS often generate with both cacti and scorpions, so watch out!


Barren desert skylands are more rare, but they are not dangerous. They can be fun places to live, or build a scorpion farm at! Just make sure you know which one it is…



Only one of these mythic places has been found, the most amazing in existence. Majical skylands, (which are not abbreviated,) are skylands that bend away from all other types, never generating with the usual base or top.

The majical skyland found was generated with a platinum block base, and compost on top.


Pictures tomorrow, I’m super busy right now.

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I want to live in a Majical Skyland :stuck_out_tongue: [SIZE=1]if they’re real… :p[/SIZE]

A majical skyland, where it rains platinum and the coffee cherries are ripe year-round, and where diamond trees sprout up everywhere! XD




My first island!!! It’s quite crappy

Being in space is fun!!!

That’s stone skyland, right? I thought there’s only limestone skyland, marble skyland and sandstone skyland?

I’ve discovered marble skyland so far. It’s beautiful. :slight_smile:

What is this tree? I have a jet pack.

Being in space is fun!!!

guys what is that tree? ^ is it that gem tree Erick was talking about?

I think you found a ruby tree! :smiley:

Oh, and I found an amethyst one too, but I don’t any pics, I’ll put some up

Being in space is fun!!!

Does anyone know how long it takes for a gem to “grow?”

Do I need a warm jacket up there? How high are floating islands?

Ruby tree, congratulations!

8 in game days or years, I cant remember.

Yes. They are up to the breath line at the top, IDK about the bottom.

I found a diamond tree today!
forgot to log on to Game Center, didn’t get the achievement
I got 6 diamonds from the Diamond Island!
Pic below: Dodo Island with an apple tree…

Can you plant gems on land? I just completed my compost farm, so i am wondering whether I’m gonna grow the gems. If yes, I’m gonna plant them on compost. LOL.

" it is recommended that you also bring plenty of golden signs!" Why are we talking them as golden signs now?

Are we? I never knew that.

In the picture you have, Emotional Burger, it seems to be an ordinary apple tree, can you zoom in for me? It really looks like one to me.

What the… Nothing on the left but a lot on the right…

Because they’re…golden? Doesn’t matter if you call them golden signs or ownership signs. They are the same thing and you probably want to protect those gem trees from careless tree choppers who think they might get some special wood from them or something. Take it from me, just normal wood.

lol did you try to chop one? I’m guessing yes! Anyways do those trees die? And is it possible to plant those gems?