The complete list of items! (Expert mode)


Aaand… One more question, do you craft string at the tailor’s bench on expert mode?


Yep @baamallama you can read more in this thread it will help you a lot if you need find some items you can see here. Not everything but a lot!


I’m a little stuck here with finding an amethyst though, but thanks!

My expert mode prep

Hi @Blocknuggets very nice info. I love it. 1 question tho do you jave this in a pdf version or so? If yes can you mail it to me? I was trying to screenshot the whole info but it is way to long and i dnt have much space on my phone.
Thnx for the info once again. Gr8 job :+1:


Well, Thank you! And I don’t really know what you mean about “pdf version” and I cannot mail you it’s not allowed maybe in public but in PM is okay one tip if you wanted this thread and about the info on the whole thing in this thread you may copy every word include expert mode all items and upgrade recipes after you copy put it in your notes.

No offense to me because I made this thread for everyone for a guide to for who those wanted to try the expert mode challenge in Blockheads no need to screenshots too that makes you confuse when comes to cut words in the picture so I suggest to copy it.


A pdf is a file.


Oh yes the portable document format I’ve remembered this a while ago when the day I used android phone not like iOS devices, not much files you can see


Thank you :blush: