The complete list of items!


For anyone a little dim like me click the sho button next to the spoiler

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Awesome, thank you!!! AND in alphabetical order. Perfect! :cool:


I see you added the required crafting surface levels. Well done.


add chandeliers and make oil (in press) 2 oil.


Both are there already…


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Thanks for the great guide, it’s very helpful!


Hey, look, it’s been updated!

I almost forgot about updating it when 1.2 came out. What do you guys think about adding more statistics about the items, like how much health is restored when consumed?


I thought sunrise is on the east and sunset is in the west


The list has been updated to contain all of the new items in 1.3! If you notice any errors, please tell me.


Great job! There is another website attempting to do this as well, but most articles do not go as in depth as your coffee one did, maybe you’d consider helping them out?: The Blockheads Wiki


I occasionally do help with that wiki, just haven’t had much time to do much there.


One question. What does a coffee tree look like? Because I want to make coffee but don’t know what it looks like? Can someone show me?


Look in this thread.


Wow! Great job!


Maybe you could put the lime in mined materials because that is where it is originally gotten from…?


You forgot it’s " sometimes mined from limestone at limes"


What about :
Bucket of fish?
[SIZE=1]Fish bucket…[/SIZE]


Other -> Animal related items


You forgot to to write a food, Lime.

It is edible. You get it by mining limestone.