The complete list of items!


Happy birthday abc! Also, where’s the shop block in 1.4?


Workbench. Couldn’t you use “find” in your browser though?


Wheres pig iron, srry if im not reading closely? what is it, anyways…


Use the Find function in your browser please (search bar in iOS, Ctrl or Cmd F on most other things)

It’s under Electric Furnace. It can be used to make iron for 1 iron ore and 1 crushed limestone instead of 3 iron ore.


Ive got more than that since some of my items was stolen but i 've got 6 solar panels and living in the air


I thought that, because of the update, that a golden bed was available at a ruby level portal?


Nope, still Diamond Portal.


Add Ores at the portal. trade with time crystals


There aren’t anymore ores at the portal. They were removed in version 1.4, and the list doesn’t include old items for sake of brevity.


Wow, that can be useful…but i use the wiki instead


@abcboy You made a mistake with electric furnace recipe.Its really 1 steel block,1 iron ingot,10 copper wires.


Thanks, fixed.


This is quite the reference thread, very useful!


Thanks! That was helpful!:smiley:


Wow very detailed i just came looking for red marble, btw how do u get it?


It’s underground. You might find it near marble, or you could use a gold pick on normal marble. [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]I’m not including gold pick drops, because like meditating, it’s too unreliable.[/COLOR]


can you add pics?


No, because I can only do 10 pictures per post. I feel like neither splitting it up into 100 posts nor uploading all the icons.

If you really need icons, you can go here, to The Blockheads Wiki, which has a list too. (that I made)